I Just Can’t Get Enough Of Shel’s “Enter Sandman” Cover

I so imagine this in Game in Thrones. Now.. who’s Shel? Four sisters (Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza Holbrook), traveling the world and telling story. Sharing dreams, too. It’s a Colorado based folk group; these girls have completed their mission in creating a dreamy and surreal sound, tender and tricky in places. I guess there are hundreds and hundreds of Metallica covers, good or bad. But this…this is totally insane. When Metallica roars, Shel whispers, making you feel intrigued and astonished. It’s about the wait, you want for more and more. You start to feel confused and as the song builds in intensity, it will amaze you how it ends in something dreamy and quite strange.

“I’m learning more and more that life is what we make it… And I’m pretty darn ready to choose joy.” (Source)

OK, nothing beats the original, but this actually gave me a creepy, yet dreamlike vibe, and this interpretation is well suited to the lyrics. Not to mention the video.

“In a new music scene that’s crowded, genre-twisting and attuned to mastery in live performance, SHEL is a must-know young band for anyone who wants to keep up with tomorrow’s greats.” (Source)

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