Jesmin Ahmed Portrays Primal Emotions Through Charcoal Drawings

Jesmin Ahmed is a hobbyist artist from India who draws black and white portraits while focusing on the human body and its flaws in order to find authenticity in an Internet-dominated artistic world.

“My motive is to portray desire and passion in a different light”, Jesmin explains, “as a very raw, human feeling, and I believe this is what makes my work unconventional”. She prefers to limit herself to pencil and charcoal as basic drawing techniques, since she’s “not as good with colors”.

As a simple form of synesthesia, she extracts her drawing motives from music, which the young artist thinks of as an “inspiration that have always helped me to transfer my emotions on paper”.

2015-11-23 01.01.30 1-1

2016-07-01 12.25.28 1-1

In a way, her artworks speak of inner struggles and primal instincts, Jesmin’s portraits being surprisingly honest, to say the least. A forced-open eye, a squeezed mouth, fingers roughly grabbing the flesh – these are all powerful symptoms of an eager-to-express (and impress) kind of mind.

2015-10-26 08.56.21 1-1

2016-06-04 02.37.33 1-1

2016-07-02 04.20.14 1-1

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