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The word “Ravac” has more meanings, which kind of lead you to the same place.  It represents either stum dripping by itself from grapes within the winepress, clear wine which stood at low temperatures or wine obtained from mountain fruits. Maybe this description doesn’t seem significant, but for me it is a reminder of my first night in Vama Veche with Ivanna. We took a long walk close to the border and sat in a dark field where the only source of light were the rays of a red moon. Our alcohol tastes don’t get along much, so each of us bought a bottle of wine. Red and sweet for me, white and dry for her.

(c) Alexandra Crisbășan

(c) Alexandra Crisbășan

My father took a random photograph of her at this year’s Comic Con and somehow she found it. Just as random, we went together to Vama Veche, to VSLO, where she was a DJ and model for the nude workshop.

Before the performance we had a few days to waste – between photographs and many burnt cigarettes I discovered a very open-minded and intelligent woman, lacking inhibitions and  passionate about what she is doing.

Well, what is she doing exactly? She graduated acting at Hyperion University, now plays at “În Culise” among others, is a model (she tried body suspension too), DJ at five clubs in Bucharest and blogger. From our conversations we found out that we have many things in common, with the exception of creative needs (and alcohol). I prefer to stay in the shadow, I accept exposure only if it is a must. This made me ask her why she chooses exposure instead of the ‘mini puppet master’ role. Being an actress and DJ means a lot of exposure and human interaction, you need to bewitch the public, otherwise you won’t keep it interested.

(c) Alexandra Crisbășan

She told me that this is what she lives for, that tranquility is a place where she can’t resist for long. Communicating with people through music, performance or acting recharges her batteries. She feeds on their energy like a psychic vampire. Her place is within a crowd where she is free to play with it’s vibe, through lyrics and beats, rhythms. A leader of an emotive chaos which she shapes and mixes by desire.

After this answer came the workshop. I was very curious to hear the mix she worked on for days. However, it was in vain because when she found herself in front of a crowd made of photographers, she let it go and made an amazing improvisation. Those pictures were taken right then.

If you’re thinking about getting a copy of the mix, you can stop hoping, because it wasn’t recorded. Only people who were present will remember it. Why improvise? You know, I already told you that she listens to what she is feeling at the moment. By playing with the public’s vibe, she amplifies, modifies it and then hits you as if you were listening to your favorite song, for the very first time. It was so good that it attracted tourists and people outside the Festival. The next day all Vama Veche was talking about it.

(c) Alexandra Crisbășan

I’m not a fan of clubs, I don’t like most DJ’s, I don’t like what’s selling. Just because all muggles know the lyrics since no one bothers to ever change that fossil kind of playlist, it doesn’t mean it’s cool, or that it ever was good. I think we are so over the same hits from old or new bands. No one bothers to explore the other good songs they made (if they did).

I don’t like the other extreme either, where there are the same poor beats for hours. Of course people go there only on pills, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy that music otherwise. Metal pubs are better for me and places where I can hear new music, music you can live through. That’s what I felt when I photographed Ivanna during her performance. She knew how to keep you there, connected. You needn’t hear the same old songs to want to dance (and I don’t dance), you just had to flow with the music while she was mixing and dancing nude. 

(c) Alexandra Crisbășan

Since I know that people love to give report presents to those kinds of posts, I would like to add a few things. Dear muggles, before you press that button or comment without any kind of knowledge and understanding above your obedient self, please take a step back and tell me this: why is it acceptable for our celebrities to promote nothing but sex-selling and vulgarity and forbidden for a woman to dance and mix at the beach in a hot summer day? Why sexual objectification is normal and a nude body isn’t? Also, do masturbate a bit, if you have no one to fuck. Maybe that will release some of your repressed and frustrating sexual tension. 

(c) Alexandra Crisbășan

If you are curious about Ivanna, you can find more on her website. She is also looking for a graphic designer – if you are good at it or know someone who is, you can leave her a message.

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