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Irina Gache has a way to expose through photography and writing, things which are close to what is buried and repressed within people. Things close to their darkness and the inner child which we all have and choose to lock up as we age. We lock him up somewhere far away and then throw the key, because we don’t have time to take care of him, we need to concentrate on the requirements of everyday life. 

What I always liked about Irina as a person and as a creator, was the complexity of the way in which people complicate their existence through repressing, because she too fought/is fighting to reach a level of being that lets things to be more fluid, no matter how the material she works with is, in photography or writing, instead of choosing to remain stuck in the unexpressed fragments of existence. 

It was the similar darkness, the pleasure for Marilyn Manson and the desire to break down interior conflicts through integrating and acknowledging them, which brought us together a couple of times. Now, as far as I can see Irina has started a new journey, a specific journey. One chosen after a period of evolution and contemplation. A journey of creation through which she can grow, through which she can model and remodel herself just the way she wants it.

Alexandra Crisbășan: It’s a little bit frustrating to do interviews because you have to pay attention to not repeat your questions very often, even if people are different and therefore give different answers. Now, writing this, I’m thinking what other nine things to ask you, things which can reveal you in an interesting way. But I want to start freely, so tell me something. I want you to write about something which fascinates you. It can be anyone and anything.

Irina Gache: I find photography and film fascinating, I also find myself within them. I am fascinated about how an object, every corner, every being, has something which can be placed within a visual story. Nothing is compared with that moment of silence and internal fullness when you discover a new image, a new piece of life, in something which at first sight seemed without substance or emotion. I am fascinated, I adore to photograph holes and doors, windows and shadows. When it comes to people I love the beauty from imperfections and fragility. 

In this moment, as I am writing, I realize that I am in love with this, in love with photographing souls and even if it seems like a metaphor, it is a special moment when the person you photograph gives himself and opens up for a few moments. Fragments of things lived and emotions… it’s not just about taking a beautiful or interesting picture. It’s a piece of a soul. This fascinates me, life caught through an objective. Wonderful!

(c) Irina Gache

(c) Irina Gache

I know you’ve been on and off with creation. A lot of artists find a hiding spot within creation when life is hard. I suppose for you it is different? I want to know how it is, from your point of view, to not be able to create and what makes you to not be able to do so.

It goes the same with me, even if I think that you can create when you feel good too. Art is not resumed only to pain and sufferance. I had a moment of impasse in which I thought I was somebody else. I drowned in a character I played so well that I thought it was who I am and that has placed me in a creative dead end. Not being able to create is one of the most horrible things and when this happens I feel outworn of power, confused, just as if the life force in me has been dried up.

Tell me about the project you are working on at the moment.

The project started from realizing that there are many states of being which I live, which we all live through. States of being which sometimes scare us and are hard to accept as a part of one’s self. Some fragments of feelings. Through this project I try to gain some awareness on those pieces. A specific plan when it comes to it, I don’t have. I want it to let it flow, naturally to see what happens. Other ideas have come to my mind for future projects as well and therefore I don’t know how things will evolve.

(c) Irina Gache

(c) Irina Gache

You have a soft spot for psychoanalysis and the occult. Where did it start, how does it manifest, what does it contain?

It started when I was younger. I was trying to explain to myself some things which scared me, things I couldn’t tie to anything and so I tried to cling to explanations either from parapsychology and later psychoanalysis, from a need to control, maybe. At the moment I have detached myself from both and I am starting to learn to live only, to let myself be. I cannot lie, its really hard to let go. I have lived a great amount of my life believing that by analyzing everything you solve problems. I realized I was wrong.

I know you also write, can you show me a fragment from something you’re really proud of?

“Two eggs
I pierce inside the bigger one
It’s rotten with disappointment
Entered it, search began
Climbing ladders like a child
Energy back to the core
I find the small egg, frail
The shell is not yet formed completely
It’s so warm and beautiful
I love it, i love you, i love you, the frail
Who was not allowed to cry or laugh.
Precious, in the storm, piece by piece
Through the noises, images, i am starting to see it, to feel it.
The egg.
The egg is in formation,
I love you, the frail, the unloved, the unforgiven.”

(c) Irina Gache

(c) Irina Gache

What sets limits and what helps you evolve?

I think fear holds me back the most and every moment when I get out of my comfort zone is an act of evolution.

Every person is unique and unrepeatable, but I think that nowadays people are most of the time, copies of other copies. What’s the thing which doesn’t make you a copy of another copy? You are Irina Gache, passioned by art, I understand that, but what makes you, you? What is that something which only you possess?

Hmm, frankly. I still don’t know. I am on my way to discover that and I promise that we will get back on this, when I find out.

(c) Irina Gache

(c) Irina Gache

If you could transform something which is entirely fiction into reality, what would be that thing?

Mermaids. I would even transform myself into one, when I wish, when I need to sink at the bottom of seas and oceans, to enjoy the aquatic world without equipments, without having to hold my breath.

When you create, do you expose yourself as a whole, or rather as pieces of personality, pieces of your soul or of your body?

I think I expose pieces of my soul and personality, I don’t expose much of myself physically. The body, in my photographs, is like a bowl which contains emotions and sentiments, a way of access which often disappears and reappears taking the form of manifestations which I can catch. The body transmits so much through games of light and shadows, through gestures. Although, it is still the exterior and I am interested in capturing the interior.

(c) Irina Gache

(c) Irina Gache

If tomorrow you would be independent of any law and moral, free to do whatever you want, what would you do?

Hahah, I would rather not answer that.


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