KALL, Black-Metal Band: “We Explore the Nature Around Us and Within Us!” (Interview)

In a few words, KALL is the project of Lifelover’s ex-members. It is renowned that after the disappearance of “B” (Jonas Bergqvis) a.k.a. Nattdal on 09.09.2011, Lifelover ceased their activity as a sign of reverence and respect for Bandleader. I talked with them and here we have an interview, a weird one I would say, or just a little different. To elucidate the mistery you can read it below.

Cultartes: Hello, guys! First of all we want to thank you very much for accepting our invitation. We are truly honoured to realize this interview for your Romanian fans.

Kall: You are welcome.

A lot of artists that comes in Romania knows nothing about our country, except Dracula. What can you tell us about Romania?

Dangerous spirits distilled from plums.

Metal scene from Romania is in a significant increase in the last few years. Are there any bands you have heard of or managed to capture your attention?

None so far.

Kall’s music is highly respected here, influencing so many bands. How do you enjoy the idea of singing in Romania?

It’s a country far away from the mainland of Europe where we usually visit, so it would definitely be interesting. From what we’ve heard it definitely seems to have a very special atmosphere.

About concerts, you recently had a tour with Harakiri for the Sky and Vanhelga. How did your fans react first seeing you under Kall’s title?

So far we’ve had a very good response. A lot of the material has since then been developed further and we’re looking forward to start performing around the world and giving the audience something special.

In my opinion, KALL takes further the festive delirium of tragic. The album was published in a limited number of copies, only 500 are available beginning the 1st of November 2014.

Let’s talk about your album. What should we expect from it, as a feeling and not only?

Expect anything and nothing.

What song is the closest to your souls?

That depends on who you’re asking, I guess. Let’s just go with ‘all of them’!

Are there any collaborations on your upcoming album? Who would you enjoy going on tour?

Yes, several. Johan Gabrielson (1853) contributed with a couple of lyrics and NN, or Leere, of former Silencer wrote the intro for the album. Also Sofia Hedman, a stranger to us previously, played saxophone on several tracks. A very talented artist. Other than that we did everything ourselves, including recording and mixing. Right now our focus is mainly on our band and what we can do but we’re always open for more odd excursions in the future, live as well as in the studio!

What inspires you for creating your unmistakable style, that after all defines you?

Exploring the nature around us and within us.

Leaving the musical domain and trying to know you a little better, it would be interesting to find out if you have any passions but music?

This differs, of course, depending on who you’re asking. Some like drinking, some like reading, others martial arts and some just likes cozy strolls along the beach.

The style remained about the same for Kall, if we think about what Kim, Henrik, Fix, AQC, and Phil A. Cirone did in Lifelover. So, we are talking about a suicidal/depressive black-metal with gleeful notes, if we can say that. We should describe it as a funeral march in allegro tones, as for a macabre-festive celebration of individual suffering in relation with meaningless and nonsense of life.

How do you feel about religion and God?

Satan is everywhere.

You have visited so many places, but is there one place you all want to go back?

That really depends on why any of us would want to go there, since some places are great for the atmosphere while others are just the best place to get a good drink or a smoke.

What is the most unusual experience that happened to you during a tour?

There are many odd things happening each time though that wouldn’t quality as unusual then I guess, haha. But since we just started as a band nothing really unusual has had the opportunity to happen yet.

Would you like to say something to our readers?

We appreciate your support and please don’t hesitate to gather together and tell your local organizers that you want to see us perform live so that they understand that there is an interest for what we do so that we can get bookings for shows in your country. We can’t do anything about this so we need your support for these kinds of things.

Thank you very much for your granted time. It was a real pleasure and honour for me. We’ll wait for you to come in Romania. Good luck!

Thanks. We’ll get there soon enough…

Kall by Kall

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