Interview with Georg Börner: “ColdWorld was reborn”

“Autumn” is the most recent album of Georg Börner, after an eight years break, under the ColdWorld name. Eight years can be seen as a very long period of time, but this can be a period where the fans have decided to listen to a very profound comprehension some tracks like “Suicide”, “Tortured by Solitude” or “Red Snow”. A period where others were trapped by the ColdWorld music. “Autumn” tends to be one of the worship albums of this genre.

Baldo, Cultartes: I think this is a very common questions in everyone’s mind, why this consistent break of eight years?

Georg Börner: Every now and then I was working on new ColdWorld material but I didn’t succeed in my opinion. I was not even sure if I should go on with ColdWorld. It took me eight years until I found myself back on track again. After recording ‘Autumn’ I felt like I did the right thing and I am very happy with the result. ColdWorld was reborn.

It feels, at this time, a series of influences in your music, some of them are the new best “friend” of black metal, meaning post-rock and shoegaze. Is this one way to keep up or just your way of expressing what you feel? The fact that these influences exist is just a coincidence?

I like some bands which use those new influences, others I don’t like. If the music touches me and if it’s a good combination of those influences I appreciate that. I still feel a strong connection to Black Metal, but I also like to combine it with other styles. Maybe because I’m interested in many kinds of music and I am not narrow minded. And no, I don’t do it because it’s a trend. I don’t give a shit about trends. I do it because I like it. If I feel like doing an old school Black Metal thing next year then I will do it!

The melancholic-depressive atmosphere still feels in your music, but with a significant touch of melody and dreaminess. Is this somehow a proof of artistic maturity, a time when aggressive rebellions no longer have a place in this world?

Yes, maybe. Some people already told me the new album was more melancholic than depressive. That’s right. I would not say it’s because I’m more mature nowadays. It’s how I felt when I wrote the music. Bitter sweet melancholy is what I like. It’s also about the atmosphere of autumn. There still seem to be hope, but the inevitable coming of winter is already present.

Do you think black metal is a form of art? Given the fact that behind all the screams and serious riffs are hidden deep feelings that can’t be understood so easily.

Of course, Black Metal is a form of art. Music in general is. It’s very emotional, it carries strong feelings. That’s my goal when making music – I want to create sounds which trigger feelings, moods and different atmospheres. If I cannot find this in my music anymore I will close the chapter of ColdWorld.

Are you the kind of artist that inspires from everyday life, from what surrounds you, social issues, war, hatred or the like?

Actually not at all. When I’m alone in nature I can find some inspiration for example, but my everyday life and so on doesn’t influence ColdWorld, at least I don’t think so.

What do you think about religion and God? Is there nonsense to believe in God?

I’m a 100% atheist. I don’t believe in Gods or a higher meaning. We are just here – Let’s go through it.

You’ve said somewhere that “Melancholie²” was created especially for you, which apparently led to a certain success back then. Can you say the same about “Autumn”?

Yes, in the first place I do this stuff for myself. I feel the need to do it. It gives me satisfaction to listen to myself made music and to enjoy it. If then people like it it’s great. I’m not alone.

Is there creation only for the sake of creation? And judging this, do you think this could bring us closer to the idea of God?

Ok, now we get very philosophical. I like to keep it more simple. Like I said; I don’t belive in God or any meaning. We are here so, let’s do what we think we have to do. I have to make music. The process of creation, the work, the search for melodies and harmonies – That gives me pleasure, somehow.

What does success mean to you as an artist?

I think everyone likes the feeling when people tell you “great job”. It feels good. So, that’s something I enjoy every now and then. But it’s not the reason for making music. And by the way, my success is still pretty manageable.

Is there a character, a black metal band that inspired you in choosing this form of expression?

Like many other people I discovered the Black Metal scene when I was still a ‘kid’. Of course back then there were some artists which impressed me a lot, and maybe this fascination for those bands and musicians was really strong. But in the end I decided by myself to do what I do.

What’s the last album you’ve listened to and overly impressed you?

There are some, but at the moment I have to think of ‘Horror Vaqui’ by HECQ alias Ben Lukas Boysen.

Do you think people will remember over years and years about the rock music nowadays, as we do remember of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or I don’t know, Bathory or Mayhem?

I hope so! J. S. Bach is dead since almost 300 years. And we still play his music. Let’s see.

Photo by (c) Witchsister Photography

Is there a possibility of any concert this year or in the near future?

I don’t know. Somehow I still don’t feel like playing live. But maybe in the future. Who knows.

How the most beautiful place in the world looks like for you?

Mountains, endless woods, a cabin by the lake.

We know that many consider music as a drug. What kind of disease do you think your music should cure?

Hm, some people already told me my music helped them through a period of depression. Ironic, isn’t it?

Thank you very much for your granted time! Cheers!

Thank you!

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