Interview – Basarabian Hills. Tales about Spirit of the Forest.

Shortly, Basarabian Hills is the project of one man, namely, Florin Fistic a.k.a Spirit of the Forest. Atmospheric black metal. Many would say that this segment of music is complete. Well, I am here to disagree! We can’t associate this ’’one-man band’’ project with something that’s already known. So, Basarabian Hills is neither Burzum nor the like. The sound proposed here is one that calls for a melancholy and a peaceful dreaming, privacy into the soul of nature, without talking about some kind of inner rebellion, but a man-nature fusion.

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! Personally, I really appreciate your form of understanding about this kind of music that has given so much. When I first heard about Basarabian Hills, I have never thought this music is possible. What I recall, exactly, is the feeling that aroused from your songs. We are talking here about a revealing lull, and somehow a peaceful state of mind. All of this appears, in contradictory, with the trends of pure black metal. Can you tell us exactly what characterizes Basarabian Hills?

BH, Spirit of the Forest: Basarabian Hills reflects different moods, and that depends on season, environment and depression.

We all know the inspiration comes at the times, some of them take us by surprise, or especially, we induce them. Are there such moments or places that lead to the birth of any particular songs? Or, is it already something familiar and then all comes by itself?

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for all artist- musicians, poets or painters. Nature symbolizes beauty and if you want to create something you should feel this beauty into your creation. I am inspired by any phenomenon of nature- the rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze of the wind, the flight of a bird that hovers into the sky, the fog that surrounds the earth with his grey mantle, and even the death of a lonely tree.

Another thing that caught my attention, except the musical part, is the logo. Can you tell me, please, what it represents? How did you get the idea of a logo that, after all, not reveals the name of this project?

The logo represents some woven branches and the indecipherable writing logo’ is specific to black metal. Watch closely, you can decipher the name ‘’Basarabian Hills’’!

We know that Moldavia is a country with limited sources in terms of black metal music. I think, as a standard of what’s happening there, I rather take Basarabian Hills, instead of Infected Rain. How is this music seen there? I mean the metal, in general, only then, strictly to black metal.

This music is not very popular in Moldavia, and this is proven by the fact that there are just a few metal bands performing.

Have you ever thought to expose this project to the public, through a live performance?

No, I have never thought of performing live, because I don’t have the possibility or someone to play with.

We all have certain circles of friends and acquaintances circles besides this circles of friends and so on. For those who know you, but not sharing the same passion, what do they think about your activity?

It’s true; I have a lot of friends that don’t appreciate metal music, but they see my music as a relaxing and melancholic one.

Is there any band from Romania that you can tell us it influenced or pushed you, somehow, to create Basarabian Hills? But in other parts of Europe?

Negură Bunget is one of my favourite bands, of which I was deeply affected, especially the albums, „Zîrnindu-să” (1996) and „’N Crugu Bradului” (2002). Lustre and Burzum, are the main projects that influenced me the most.

Many people look with restraint when it comes to Moldavia, in terms of tourism, or perhaps I’m just wrong. Although I’d like, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit your country lands. Can you recommend me a place, regardless of its nature?

Among the most spectacular places in Moldavia are: The Reservation ‘’Plaiul Fagului’’, Padurea Domneasca, Soroca fortress, Movila Magurii, and certainly, the oak of ’’Stefan cel Mare’’, which assumes it has over 700 years old.

What do you think about the phrases: “our brothers over the Prut” or “Moldavia Romanian ground”?

I believe that we are a country and a nation. I, personally, have regained Romanian citizenship. I consider myself as a Romanian from Bessarabia and I’m pretty sure that, with time, we’ll become one country again and the border on the Prut will disappear.

Let’s talk, however, about the forthcoming album next year. How many songs will contain? Have you chosen a name for it? Should we expect some changes of the sound?

The new album is entitled „Enveloped In the Velvet Cloak of Midnight” and will contain four songs that reflect the fairy night. There are not going to be any radical changes of sound, the style and the musical arrangement will be about the same to the previous album.

As I said before, Basarabian Hills represents the creation of one man. From this point of view, are things more difficult, is the work overwhelming or this fact simplifies the whole equation?

I think it’s easier when you’re alone. I do everything as I like, I don’t depend on anyone, but for this I need more time to work on my materials.

Which one do you prefer, brandy (tuica) or vodka?

I definitely don’t drink or smoke!

Thank you for your granted time! Good luck and I’m looking forward for updates!

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