Local art scene was always a good scene. Whether they are musicians or photo newcomers (let’s be honest, mostly photo newcomers!), 2017 has been a fruitful one, at least for Cultartes. We’ve connected with and featured so many incredible people that we lost count. We made a list of 10+ awesome or gruesome, emerging local artists and movements we recommend you should probably follow in the year to come.


Codruța Corocea

Back in July we talked to Codruța, a 17 years old photographer whose nude pictures are more than just bold. She certainly stands out in a field where not even nudity is taboo anymore. She says: “People must be educated not to sexualize nudity!”. Definitely an artist to check in 2018.

Instagram | Cultartes Interview (RO)

Alexandru Diugan aka The Hostage

Atmospheric, vibrant images, street-photography, city lights vs nature wanderlust, and the wet dream of any Tumblr-addict out there. Alexandru Diugan got our attention since the beginning of the year. This is what he says about his photos: “I thought I could create stories like painters do. From the moment I touched the camera I knew this was right for me.”

Instagram | Tumblr | Cultartes Feature

Edith Novak

Another teenage prodigy, another amalgam of freshness and outworldly beauty. Orsi Novak or Edith as she like to be called was featured on our ongoing series K I D S, and caught our attention ever since. “I capture everything that allows me to see beyond the facts, to analyse reality and project it in my own way”, she told us.

Instagram | Cultartes Feature

Larissa Danilov

Larssia, an insane creature with a passion for cringeyness is one of our favorite socially awkward lunatics. In April this year, she collaborated with photographer Iustin Surpanelu for a visual project we felt more than obligated to cover. “Karnal Diary”, part of a larger project called KARMASUTRA, is an obscene reality, a satirical answer to the idea of women being objectified. “We revealed how sick we actually are in our spare time!”, she told us.

Facebook | Tumblr | Cultartes Feature

Lupu Marius

His pictures are for photography what rap is for music. Our buddy and contributor Lupu Marius is by far one of the best Romanian street-photographers at the moment. In a game of Ninja and Yolandi, combining the underground with extravagant, provocative photo-editorials featuring his long-time girlfriend Melania (which we’re thankful for), Marius tries his best to be involved in more than just taking pictures – his Rare Gathering Exhibition event is worth to be mentioned.

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Oana Barbonie

The Bucharest-based author and visual artist writes novels, poems, letters and creates the most mind-bending, sci-fi, artsy-as-fuck collages. As we said before, her artworks are a feast of shapes and colors, using subjects such as women, paintings and sculptures, which can only translate into this: women are artifacts.

Instagram | Cultartes Feature

Lucian Harbădă

Another good name on the list. Another collage maker with an eye for minimalism and OCD perfectionism. Lucian exhibited in London, Bruxelles and Paris, and now he’s getting to us as well. He explains: “I prefer concentrating the visual in the center of the work, surrounded by the emptiness of black”. Wow! That’s an optimistic view, Lucian! Keep it up!

Tumblr | Cultartes Feature



Bogdan Imurluc

In an interview from February on Cultartes, the Bucharest-based sculptor revealed that “art is a mirror of our time” and that “being a great talented artist does not mean that you will be a successful artist”, two valid truths we couldn’t agree upon more. His variety of artworks based on biology, Greek mythology and Jules-Verne-ian steampunk are a satisfying joy to our eyes.

Behance | Cultartes Interview



Thy Veils

A long-time artist crush of our zine, Daniel Dorobanțu and his Thy Veils project don’t actually need any introduction. It’s on the list mostly as a reminder of his genius and the news of his upcoming sci-fi feature-film – Neoradiant. Contemporary, visuals, sci-fi, spirituality, classic, electronic. Put all this in the pot, add some out of this world conceptualism juju and you have Thy Veils.

Web | Cultartes Feature (RO)


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Yet to be featured in Cultartes, the dark and fresh combo of the Romanian metal band, comes with the promise of an amazing 2018. They play exclusively in their mother tongue and don’t give a shit about educating their audience. More about Ucigan in our upcoming issue ‘Dreams & Nightmares’




The Exposing Movement

A beautiful story that started in 2017 was The Exposing Movement. A group of 4 photographers and 3 choreographers locked themselves indoors for a month, and when they came out, they revealed one of the most original projects we’ve seen lately. The first experiment of Developing Art centered on the connection between human body dynamics and analog photography, and the result, well, speaks for itself.

Tumblr | Cultartes Feature

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