There are Infinite Reasons to Love Temptation of Sin Series by Stefan Neagu

Stefan Neagu‘s Temptation of Sin series is an approach to reality, a call for pushing the boundaries. Some bizarre emotions get a chance to speak in these pictures. Stefan focuses on portrait photography, it’s like he tries to examine the changes happened in a female representation; the result is both outstanding and poetic. Already known for playing with light, these black and white photographs show up a dramatic, yet delicate motif. There are infinite reasons to love this photographer and his muses, but since I followed his works, these are some of the most striking.

“I’m a photographer playing with light… I think that photography can be considered the simplest form of expression, of communication. Sometimes it does not need words, description. Not even a title. Everything is in the frame. It gives you, the viewer, the freedom to see it in your own way and even give your own title. It lets you interpret it the way you want, to choose your own story. It may happen to be the same story as with the author’s, sometimes not, but is the story that’s clear in your mind, it’s the one that makes you resonate. One’s photographs „betray” his fascinations, passions, anxieties or unrest. It’s the same with the viewer.” (Source)

Coordinator: Bogdan Botofei
Concept: Alina Calotă
Assistant: Daniel Chirila
Make-up/Accesories/Clothing: Alina Bedeleanu, Rodica Casuneanu Danilenco, Alina Samara
Hair Styling: Gina Voineag, Vochescu Cristina, Mihai Lupu
Model: Domnika Hubencu, Ana Maria Fulga

All images: (c) Stefan Neagu

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