In Romania There’s an Unreal Solar Tree That Provides Electricity, Light and Wi-Fi

The amazing invention is a real-size replica of an actual tree. The idea belongs to VS Technik Energy, a Romanian company with 10 years of experience in alternative energy development and it was launched as a part-project of Street Delivery X (2015).

The VTree Fractal (also called ROBOTree) is a beautifully fractal-designed solar-powered prototype placed in Bucharest (Arthur Verona Str.) The invention provides, first of all, electricity and light. So, if you’re on the street and your devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) encounter the low-battery problem, you can use the tree to recharge them without any headaches. “You can recharge your batteries and your gadgets after a long sunny day, or meet your friends and enjoy each other’s company outside”.


Photo: Ioana Maria Rusu

But wait, there’s more. You can actually surf the Internet while hanging around the tree. “You’ll be always up to date with the news and social events because VTree provides free Wi-Fi access and functions as an useful info checkpoint”, the project creators explain.

The futuristic concept is another plus. The feeling of experiencing a virtual alternative universe is more real than ever. Imagine yourself finding some shadow underneath these white and minimal branches. Now go home and make love to your fully aware computer.


The good news is the VTree Fractal project got recently a €10 000 grant in a contest of the best SDX ideas, ideas that would turn the big cities in environment friendly spaces. VS Technik Energy has now the chance of developing the idea, designing and improving more of the same product and we’ll get the chance of living in what’s probably the first country with Wi-Fi trees on the streets.

Find out more here.

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