I’m Absolutely Head Over Heels with Natalie Kucken’s Work

I haven’t written an article for about four or five days; I guess I needed a break, to let my thoughts go and to find inspiration else where. Or maybe I was waiting for the opportune moment to write about an incredibly brilliant young woman, Natalie Kucken. It’s been like three hours since I discovered her images and I’m completely head over heels with her work. I don’t know what the hack I was doing all this time and not knowing about her.

Well, Natalie is a fashion and lifestyle photographer currently based in the wonderful city of New York. Her images had such an amazing emotional impact on me, my eyes were finally meeting a perfect dreamy, surreal world. Her work seem vintage, confusing in places, but it will sparkle your mind. She presents a fantasy where youth is angelic and it’s just enough to make you feel free. It’s like nothing scares me anymore, I’m ready for a new adventure of wonder.

I always have some sort of story planned way ahead of time- sometimes every frame is planned out and has a meaning and sometimes I go with everything I had planned for the shoot and make the story up as I go. (Source)

She is now my favorite photographer, not sure if I’m even supposed to say that but Natalie is taking me into a golden-haze of wonder; maybe because is the use of light and white tones.

All images: (c) Natalie Kucken

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