Illustrator Teams Up With Craftswoman to Print His Visual Diary on Wood

The Romanian illustrator Paul Vîrlan has recently published a series of 6 illustrations that show real-life secrets. The project is called “Lucy: The Diary”, and we’ve already found out the story behind it on an interview with the artist for the 1st Issue of Cultartes Magazine (dec. 2014-jan. 2015). “Being a diary I couldn’t dare inventing things up. That means everything’s real, the story is real, sincere, and it’s all about myself. Everything started with my burning desire for honesty. I thought that this way I’ll be able to show a part of me, with all those tears and laughters”, Paul confessed. 

© Woodish / Paul Virlan
© Woodish / Paul Virlan
© Woodish / Paul Virlan
© Woodish / Paul Virlan

The uncensored polygonal illustrations are printed on smooth wooden triangles. The special manual printing technique belongs to Woodish (Maria Burachu), one of the most free spirited and innovative Romanian craftswomen. Woodish is, as I discovered on her website, “the soul extension” of  hers. Always ready for new challenges and collaborations Maria continues: “[Woodish] is a personal brand, built with passion and lack of compromise. My hands and vivid spirit ventures to create items that look and feel amazing”. And, apparently, she delivers what she promises.

“Lucy: The Diary” collection, born from Paul and Maria team-work is the proof that one kind of art on its own is nice, but mixing them up shows amazing results. The visual diary manual printed on wooden panels comes in 5 limited sets of 6 illustrations, signed and engraved.


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