If thoughts could sing: From The Mouth Of The Sun – Into the Well (Review)

Thoughts have their voices, and they can be heard to each of us. But if thoughts could sing, how would they sound like? And what feelings would the thoughts have if they could sing? I don’t know if From The Mouth Of The Sun have asked themselves about these, but they surely put their thoughts as feelings, questions. Into the Well is the perfect soundtrack for peace, is that strong and serious silence you feel when one thought embraces you. You can’t do anything else, but paying your attention listening to this album. I, for instance, listen to music, write, read, make coffee, have a cigar… but you better close your eyes, and let the music grab your attention, grind your soul with consolation, send you back in time and walk you through memories, in searching for the right purposes. 

I first heard about this project from the goodwill of Stelios RomaliadisLüüpVault of Blossomed Ropes), a man and a special artist that draw my attentions to them. Woven Tide was my first listen, Dag Rosenqvist and Aaron Martin’ debut album, the two men behind magic. It was an experience that crosses my senses with a cold shiver on my spine. It was, moreover, a material very well received and with many favourable reviews. I highly recommend listening From The Mouth Of The Sun, in this precisely order, because it seems to be two trips completing one another.

Into the Well, the song that gives the album title has the most power to move any listener with any musical preferences and tastes. It reminds somehow of Angelo Badalamenti‘s composition for Twin Peaks, Falling. From the background voice to the created feelings, this haunts you. I don’t know what I could say more precisely because they are so many to be told, but infinite to be felt.

Into the Well is a “triumph of sparse destructive simplicity, an uncompromising and evocative tribute to sacrifice.”

From The Mouth Of The Sun:

Aaron Martin – Cello, bass, roll up piano, voice, vinyl, singing bowls, banjo, lap steel.

Dag Rosenqvist – Piano, pump organ, Fender Rhodes, various organs and synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars, glockenspiel, voice and field recordings.

Music and arrangements by Dag Rosenqvist and Aaron Martin
Vocals arranged and performed by Dawn Smithson and Jerker Lund
Horns performed by Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (trombone) and Jenny Olsson (French horn)
Recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden and Topeka, Kansas
Mixed by Dag Rosenqvist at The 63rd Link in Gothenburg
Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12K Mastering

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