Hypnotic Dancer Breaks into Billion Pixels in the New Video from Thy Veils

Thy Veils is an artistic group based in Timisoara (Romania). Did you see what I did? I said “artistic”, because is quite  difficult to categorize the group. They’re making ambiental “ethereal world music” (which reminds me of Dead Can Dance) and they’re also playing with these inspiring, jaw-dropping videos. But it’s nothing new I appreciate them (there are three interviews with Thy Veils’ members on Cultartes, for crying out lout  – read them here, here and here).

What’s freash is their new Immemorable music video, which features Romanian contemporary dancer Alina Ștefan. For almost 7 minutes of extatic vibes, the artist divides into cyber-sand while her oriental-influenced moves leads me to mystical lands and times. The perpetual illusion is a metaphor that could easily relate to the song title and could basically mean this: “memories are fading away!”. 


Nice visuals, incredible atmosphere. The idea is not that unique, though. Recently I discovered that more and more contemporary artists feel attracted to combine virtual computerized environment with sounds and human motions. Two very good examples are the Pixel and HAKANAI (both composed by artists Adrien M. and Claire B.)

The new Thy Veils video is not yet published on the Internet, so if you want to watch it feel free to download it from here.

Photo: Screenshot from Immemorable clip

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