Haris Nukem’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” Attitude is Undeniable Badass

It’s undeniable that Haris Nukem‘s photos are their own brand of awesome. His beginning in photography first started strangely in the front of the TV. As the London shooter states: “Every day my dude Milo would come to my flat. We’d sit there for hours talking about everything that inspired us… from music to photography to fashion to film.”

The so-called “Tiger Style” captures freckles, tattoos, body modifications, piercing or some cool beards. It’s the combination of the lighting and a well done retouching that makes me remember this whole cinematic scene. It’s a wanna-be “work hard, play hard” attitude. You’ll notice the radiant, captivating portrays are all about the relationships with ourselves, creating such an intense mood. The darker it gets, the better. Just keep in mind: coffee, cigarettes and cool music will end up to some breathtaking photos. You’d better get things started.

“My goal has always been to make stuff that help people feel things. These next step is communicating; deep down we really are all the same.”

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