Handmade Plantable Seed March-Amulets by Atelierul de Carte

After blowing our minds with the out-of-this-world handmade paper lamps illustrating female body parts, Luminish decided to turn our very own traditional Mărțișor into a creative life-bringer.

Luminish is a project of the Romanian AOM („Asociația Ordinul Manufacturierilor”) whose main purpose is to create innovative „green” design objects. The handmade paper lamps are the first series of this kind. Since I discovered them the first time I kept in touch with their latest works. I’ve seen objects that are the perfect illustration of the idea that we can create everything we can imagine. It’s that simple. A booty-lamp? No problem! Leafs-stuffed paper to be used as torchère cover? Why the hell not?

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Since March is coming soon enough, Luminish and Atelierul de Carte (@Museum of the Romanian Peasant) came up already with another idea: Plantable Seed March-Amulets („mărțișoare plantabile”). The concept it’s all environment friendly and more than catchy, I’ll give it that! Basically, these little pieces are plant seeds inserted in the same manual recycled paper used before for the lamps. Everything is manual printed with small illustrations of animals, insects, flowers and with this message, which can both represent an advice or a prayer: “Plant Me!”. And of course, the traditional red&white twisted chord.

Not only that you give someone a present, but you also give life and help your planet, ergo The Universe. How about that!?

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Plus, it’s so special and so not widely practiced that you won’t be able to choke back your inner hipster from getting it! And you can get one by writing an e-mail to this address: atelieruldecarte@fiiverde.ro. They’re also currently running a contest, where you can win one: “If planting it and you find a 4 leafs hop, send us an image. If you are from Bucharest, we offer you a free handmade paper workshop. Elsewhere, we sent you a congratulation card.”

Photos: Atelierul de Carte/Luminish

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