This Guy Just Launched a New Online Antique Bookstore

A young dude launched these days an online antique bookstore, probably the first one in Moldavia (Romania): Anticariatul de Iași (Iași Antique BookStore). What’s that mean? It means that from now on, if you want to read a good book at a knock-out price, you’d better click on Bogdan’s Blog (or Facebook Page), and order it from there. If you’re a local, it’s best for everybody, because the only thing tot do is to get your ass to Piata Unirii and meet the guy with the books. If you’re from some other city, well, you’ll get’em via Post Office (with all that tax crap).

The guy with the idea told me the official opening happened this week and that all the initiative started with a large (yet curious!) excess of books. “A friend of mine told me he gotta get off some books, because he was going to leave the country. He asked me if I could take’em. And the idea just popped up. I buyed the other part of books from people. I was thinking there are a lot of guys who want to get rid of books too, for some reasons. And many of them simply throw’em away, and I’m taking advantage of that. Maybe these books will come to the right people, through me! “


Why does it have to be Iași? Here’s why: “I thought it would work fine for SEO. And it also sounds serious and official. Besides, a little patriotism is always good for marketing!”. Bogdan is aware this is not such a new idea. He even admits that his project is very much based on Anticariatul de Noapte, an already well-known website. “I’ve been knowing that online book store and its success for very long. It inspired me somehow to try the same thing applied on our region (Moldova). At this point, I’m the only one who works on this project. Of course, my girlfriend is helping me. My friends also helped me a little by liking my page and ecouraging me. Some of them even bought a few books”, the young antiquary explained.

Anticariatul de Iași is a simple, yet very well put together WordPress blog. The future plan is turning it, eventually, into a website, depending on people’s reactions. Bogdan told me the project “isn’t complete yet. I also have a job and I have to deal with both. I also want to realize a small description for each book, even though that’s a little challenging, especially if I’d have to work with tons of books at once!”

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