Grief In One Whistle: “Endeavor” (Review)

Grief is a one-man project released in 2014, but with other musical inclinations back then; for the moment Grief goes on classic recipe, from the short title, a catchy one yet with a deep significance, to blackgaze. We know many examples fulfilling this description, but I won’t enumerate them here. The interesting part is that not all the “recipes” come out right. “Endeavor” fails to bring anything new in this category, but through a clear, airy sound and a warm, pleasantly music, it manages to place somewhere between the senses. The songs, four in number (looks like we’re speaking about an EP) are about the same, without many distinctive notes, meaning that if you focus on other stuff you won’t realize another song is actually running. Perhaps “When It Raiins It Pours” brings some new elements, some very subtle, almost imperceptible, that will make you consider about the lyrical melancholy of Nachtzeit (Lustre). I don’t want to say this is a bad material, I actually had a pleasant audition, but that’s kind of all. I didn’t have that “something”, the feeling that makes me whistle when I go to work. The clean voice is pleasant but in places I expected something more “determined”, especially on the last song “The Stars Also Die”, a wanna-be strong end up.

All music written/recorded/mixed by Chris Greene

Written throughout 2014-2016, “Endeavor” was released on September 12, 2016.

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