Go! Save The Hostages! – A Cloud Passing Over Cairo (Review)

Released on January 25th, this album, once you discover it, absorbs you as you don’t expect. I mean you will like it more than you think, especially since the band’s name is not renowned. For now! The boys are from Cairo and exactly this can tell us that post-rock is already a culture beyond any border. Not that Egypt would be a small or closed country, but the sound is very „elsewhere” and, in any case, you just don’t expect for this to come from the land of the pyramids.

“A Cloud Passing Over Cairo” is an overall melancholic songs, but in the sense that it has nothing to do with boredom. It’s melodic and it falls slowly-slowly under your skin, even if you’ve never tried this kind of wordless music before. And I think this depriving of words makes the songs to transmit so many. On “Djedefre’s Starry Sky” we find inserted, so pretty, passages of shoegaze, and the sound of classical instruments, cello, piano and the like. They can be found on the rest of the songs, too, offering an entirely atmosphere to this musical whole and this places you above the Cairo clouds and above wherever you are.

When I first heard this album, I felt like a little child who discovers new abilities of his toys. I cannot say that “A Cloud Passing Over Cairo” brings something extra new to this genre, it just don’t. Instead, it might make you lean more to this kind of music, even if you’ve tried it before or even if you hear it for the first time. And it might make you understand that music is somehow hidden behind the Beauty.

If you have patience and start listening to this album from its first track “The Man At The Window” and you don’t skip it just so you see with your ears what and how, everything would work by itself and you’ll understand what I mean. Each song is going to flow in an order that you would find it so natural; it would make you leave the tap open just to flood the neighbours, if you could, with those 5 drops of beauty that trickle into your sink ear.


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