‘Girls On Pixels’: Karbu Xia’s Overheated Imagery

Karbu Xia’s a 33 years old photographer based in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). He’s been doing photography for more than 10 years for a living (in advertising) even though he was in love with the art itself since the very  first shot. His most recent project – Girls on Pixels – talks about spontaneity, intimacy and honesty.

This is what he says about his artistic identity as a photographer: “My art is about fantasies, dreams, curiosity and women. I think between a sexy image of a woman and the actual feel of the moment sometimes there’s a lot that could get lost in translation. I want to be that bridge”.

Inspired by great artists like David Lachapelle or Helmut Newton, Karbu was one of the first photographers of his generation to openly explore sexuality and nudity in a very close-minded society that “stigmatizes sexual expression and showing intimacy”. The muy caliente secret ingredient of Latin-American atmosphere probably helped, too.




“There’s a big part of the Caribbean heat in my images”, the photographer explains. “The unique culture and women here are the first ingredient of my creations. This, combined with my personal look of things, sometimes from a surreal standpoint, gives as a result something very personal that I choose to share sometimes”. 

“Between a sexy image of a woman and the actual feel of the moment there’s a lot that could get lost in translation. I want to be that bridge!”

Karbu Xia’s modesty could be he’s best quality. In photography is good to keep your feet down, since mostly everybody owns a camera and there are virtually a gazillion chances for them to be better at this than you.





He describes his ongoing project as “basically, erotic women photography”, even though, based on what I’ve seen, there’s actually more essence under than what you find in erotica. Karbu’s Girls on Pixels talks about affection and intimacy. Women aren’t objectified; their nudity isn’t meant to be arousing, but sincere.

“I do it for the sake of expressing myself and to get to share my feelings and world with like minded people and artists. The greatest feeling I’ve ever had is to share a passion that some else can understand and appreciate”, the artist concludes.



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