Georgiana Gîrboan: With Color Gone, It’s Purely About The Human Being

Bucharest-based artist, Georgiana Gîrboan is a budding psychotherapist, with a master’s degree in psychology in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her love for both photography and psychology is best connected with the emotions and the feelings we live while seeing her images. The human being is brought to life in her dinamic, mostly black and white photographs, creating amazing scenes with a specific feeling or message that gets stuck in my mind.

“Even though inspiration is everywhere around us, I think that, what makes great pictures are ideas which grow first inside us and then are brought into life with photography.”

Georgiana’s photographical themes have a very wide range, from portraits to plants or events; these black and white photos can give certain scenes of striking, timeless quality, that totally look more beautiful in monochrome than in color. The lighting, the compositions and the elements in and out of the frame work just great together. With color gone, it’s purely about the connection I have with the subject.

“The more we know about other disciplines that are connected with emotion and feelings, the better we are able to express ourselves. I manage to do that through the images I capture. For me, photography should convey not just an image, but an emotion.”


All rights reserved (c) Georgiana Gîrboan

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