We Are FRIG: A Natural Phenomenon of 6 Inches Between Outer Space and Earth Surface

FRIG represents a new project that wants to bring something new in the rock music style, trying to develop a new genre of elements with Progress Jazz/Industrial Metal combined with a show of lights with images extracted from the Universe with the help of a big telescope.”

Baldo: Hi, guys! I noticed you tried to describe your style as accurately as possible, so that’s where this science-fiction like description first came up: avant-garde drone metal/astral darkjazz dronedoom stone metal and the like. Can you tell us why this obsession of knowing exactly what kind of music some play? Isn’t the music itself just enough? 

Alex: We tried at 1st to integrate all those detailed sounds into a equilibrium of nuances.
The entire sounds of this album generate a story to travel with, were electronic influences meet the obscure side of new waves of nowadays Nordic jazz, shaped into a atypically doom.
In the approached of details, this musical cube appear more accurate, so the listener itself have better opportunity to migrate through all passages of every song on Vid Nocturn”

Radu: For us it was easy to imagine what sound we are looking for, however if you try to sum it up in words, now THAT is quite a challenge! 
I think that an appropriate description is very helpful for the listeners especially if they haven’t heard any of our music, and maybe intrigue them into doing so.

Gabi: Generally speaking we are producing the music, or that’s how we’d like to say. But like all other things, we need to fit within a genre to be able to make the difference, however, why not, in the future we could try other „Sfere” as well. 

Radu B.: I do believe indeed that the music itself is the most important part of a band. The whole thing with knowing the exact style it’s just a way of seeing things, but the essence is beyond that.

Marius: The style that I come from is a progressive one. I’m used to playing aggressive death metal and industrial metal. Music is never enough, specially for a hungry hound like myself. I always manage to piece together the little time I have in order to bring down. Also we’d like move away from a specific genre. Astray from a specific trajectory, and usually letting the unique sounds follow the FRIG path. 

George: I cannot begin to fathom this entire phenomenon called Frig which suddenly appeared in my life and changed me to at least 180 degrees. The genre which we play is not exactly defined since we’re still trying to adapt as much influence as we can from whatever can express best this natural phenomenon on both physical and human realm.

Regarding the current way of perceiving a product, how much do you think the commercial actually matters and how much the product itself?

Alex: Definitely, the product itself, if it is a tasty one then the listeners can better enjoy it.

Radu: I think that with a well polished product and the right marketing, any genre can easily step out of the Underground.

Gabi: 50% the product and 50% advertising I would say, but in the end the fans will decide how good is the product and the advertising would come up on it’s own.

Radu B.: I think that nothing can be above the product itself, the commercial is a secondary phase.

Marius: I will always put the product first and the advertising after. There are a lot of examples where the product is so good but since we have such limited networking with the fans, many would miss the most important parts of an Album. So advertising would be 2nd and never the last, but that is not our main focus as musicians

George: The product will always be primordial in all of our work. Advertising should be the revered and the feedback action that comes after our notes hit the audience. 

How should success look like through your eyes as a new project?

Alex: At the moment we are more oriented to listeners experience and we try to prepare for them something apart, that`s require patience and future will dissolve it.

Radu: Having the album coming out in such a short time is our first taste of success. We all have friends and connections who play in bands for years and still haven’t released an album.

Gabi: As many albums produced, as much activity and an audience satisfied with us and our work. No, art through definition is a success. To be able to create art of any kind it requires enormous work, years spent with your guitar, studying, hundreds and thousands of hours in the studio and lest but not last, the need of self sacrifice. 

Radu B.: Making good and interesting music. Performing great live shows is also a huge part of success.

Marius: Success is a subjective term. I would define it rather, a completion when it comes to the composition of the band. When 6 wonderful people band together it’s most important that they sync, they give out their best and aim for the same trajectory while keeping an open mind for new sounds and feedback.

George: Success is when our fans will feel the same cold as we do when we are singing about the cold and darkness in universe compared to our little planet. The feeling of new has become something rare in this world and we’d like to share this feeling with everyone. 

Does art really have to look for success? Is it an achievement just the fact of creating something out of the ordinary?

Alex: Art itself come into an inheritance of gratitude. I do not say out of ordinary, I will propose something apart without a narrow-mindedness. If we consider and seriously consider this one art of meditation in nature, visual exploring feels everything.

Radu: Considering the fact that our music can be interpreted in so many ways, we believe our listeners can relate to it on quite a few different levels.

Gabi: We all know that line used by many artists „Art demands sacrifices”, and it lives up to it’s name. In that moment that you end up creating as an artist does, you can call yourself a successful and happy man.
Our music is for everyone who feels connected to it and anyone who loves nature, natural phenomenons and most of all FRIG (Cold). I would want to labe it in any way.

Radu B.: Art is a form of manifesting one’s self and ideas. If success is coming it must be a bonus thing.

Marius: Art doesn’t have to look for success. Success is defined by art. Art is the only thing that makes us human and through music we transcend so many levels that nothing can express better than buzz and tums of a drum accompanying the complex sounds which we strive to attain. 

George: Art and success are two separate things. We cannot actually tell an artist is accomplished when he becomes successful. We would like to keep on evolving under any kind of circumstance, more specifically when it comes to success as we’d like to prevent any kind of lamentation and make FRIG shine even brighter with every concert. 

If your music is a drug, it will cure…? And what medical advice would you give upon this subject?

Alex: Indeed, it will not even cure the souls that are searching for sounds of celestial bodies, it will set up a new form/wave of mood for every listener.

Take a walk to the mountains or to the plateaus in a starry night where the areas are not luminous and rise your eyes to the dark skies for few minutes, re-call calmness in your bones and veins then shut down the surrounded noise with some ear plugs and prepare to travel with the imaginary of vacuum radio waves, then play Vid Nocturn”.

Radu: The Soul. Music is written and played by music lovers, for music lovers.

Gabi: Music can cure anything that cannot be mended by a gentle touch of a woman. We invite you to mend yourself with our music as much as you can! Between the meals in the middle of the day, at least 2 times. In the morning, lunch time and in the evening.

Radu B.: Just take it when it feels good.

Marius: If our music is a drug, I would seek for a cure. We tend to develop certain addictions towards feelings that are brought to us in certain forms. Most of them are causing us bad health. Music causes me the most bad health in which I can happily die.

George: Music has always been my drug. I was just denying it for 3 and a half years when I’ve taken a break in my music career, trying to forsake it but without avail as I got pulled back in by the continuous vacuum of emotions and the joy of creation when you step in a new project. 

FRIG is a Romanian word, same as your recent song called “Sfere”. Has your music something to do with the Romanian spirit? Frankly, apart from what I just said before, I see no connection at all; your music make me think more of a foreign project. Should we expect something else?

Alex: The Romanian spirit it is also a piece of all other nation spirits in this entire Universe, and it`s words should not remain in a foreign corner.
In fact we complete the musical cube with this piece. Romanian art has been sculpted by Brâncuși and exhibited abroad, we shape the sounds inland among Carpathian chain and Danube river and expose it worldwide in a authentic manner so all souls from other lands can have the opportunity to taste and preview our culture.

Radu: FRIG represents for me a unique, abstract and primordial way of expressing myself within a context which has the possibility in a matter of sounds and construction are almost infinite, the musical representation of the English version of the phenomenon „Cold”.

Gabi: Our music is for everyone who feels in connection with nature, loves natural phenomenons and winter.

Radu B.: As far as i can see the whole idea behind the band, I think that FRIG has something to do with environment and nature, so it would be more of a universal spirit.

Marius: FRIG stands not only for the cold phenomenon between the cold dark space and our stratosphere, but also the chill feeling in the human heart. Our music sings about nature and how is this phenomenon being developed and expressed, but no one wonders what if we carry a universe in our little shells called bodies where we can also find a little piece of coldness that helps us strive to become the version of ourselves which we never knew?

George: FRIG and “Sfere” is the best description of our work. We do not target a specific audience but what we want to feel proud of is our heritage. We have historical people used with the cold that made them strong and helped our warrior ancestors put a dent into any nation that tried to conquer it.  

If we close our eyes and imagine, how the perfect scenery for a FRIG audition will look like?

Alex: As I mentioned above, in a starry night in the middle of a dark nature, out from existence of other sounds.

Radu: The perfect atmosphere would be the in the middle of the night, 6 guys without sleep or „coldness” in their hearts rehearsing and mostly jamming from which a unique song line would be formed, just like how ice is forming in the beginning of the winter.

Gabi: The perfect scenery would be the mist that touches your ears without being able to feel anything but the image created by the natural sounds of our natural phenomenon. 

Radu B.: The scenery would be easy to imagine when you have all your friends together with you, composing in a perfect atmosphere that composed of elements out of this world like a telescope, sounds that reproduce and recreate the sounds of falling stars, and our audience will be trying to piece together all of this into a perfect opera.

Marius: The perfect scenery would the crack of a cold ice in a glass of whisky while the treble is buzzing in the glass, mixing that audience feeling between relaxation and turmoil.

George: The perfect scenery is when the adrenaline will dissolve into a chilly attitude after the first drums and riffs hit the crowd. And then our people will start feeling the crackle in our eyes and the mist would describe the rest of the phenomenon. 

I would ask you about your future plans, but this seem so distant. So, what plans do you have for now? 

Alex: For now we are assembling the album pieces and we are at the moment oriented for the next video of one of Vid Nocturn” pieces, in the meanwhile we will try to exhibit it.

Radu: We are still writing music, working on the next video, every week we face a different challenge, such is the path of FRIG.

Gabi: Our main scope is to finish our album without the rush producing something shallow. Our live concerts are currently postponed due to the perfect sync that we strive to attain.  

Radu B.: Our plan is simple. We go live, we leave everyone freezing and we expect a lot of opposition for something so new and so different than what the general audience is used with. 

Marius: Our future plans are so vast and forever changing that we cannot tell for sure. What we can do tell is that we plan to take out our first album, try to get as much feedback from our audience as possible and find out the best path for Frig.

George: I know that planning runs into our human nature, but I’m more of a superstitious person and I love to improvise. Everything that is being made and immortalized in that moment is something that even a 100 plans cannot help produce. Such is our path of creation in Frig. Our live concerts should hit in the winter. BE THERE!  

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