Freya in the Garden of Soul is an episode-based surrealist novel that I decided to publish online as I go along with the writing process. It focuses on the journey of a character named Freya in the realms of the unconscious where she meets and interacts with different phantasmagorical characters that challenge her sense of self through different riddles and sayings that may be perceived as subtitle advice from inner guides.

Full of metaphors, parables, and leads, Freya aims to lead the reader on a journey of inner discovery that anyone can relate to if immersed in the story with an open mind. She will question herself, what she sees, feels and thinks and the world in the labyrinth she found herself into, provoking everyone that enters with her to do that as well.

“Honor it!” she hears a voice coming through the fire sounds of her palms. Freya sets some wooden remains to fire to keep her warm.

“Now take out the old skins, so the new snake can fully come to life”, she hears the voice again.

“What if I burn myself whole and I turn to dust”, says Freya frightened of that thought.

“Find the water”, replies the voice.

Freya looks around her and sees the lake in front of the moon. Slowly she makes her way through the dark, guided by the light from her fiery palms. As she approaches the water she can feel old ghosts lurking in the air that becomes heavy and hard to breathe. She feels their presence trying to get a hold of her from the behind. She turns around and faces them. “We only want to tell you a story”, says one. “A story that is also a part of your story”, says another. “Then you can set us free”, says a third one.

“I’m listening”, says Freya, lowering her palms.

“If you ask the past and watch the present you can change the future”, starts one voice.

“And you will have more keys to unlock more doors along the way to redemption”, continues a second one.’

“And for that, you will need to burn in the deepest flames and be reborn”, says another one.

“What if I turn to dust?” asks Freya again, hoping this time she can get a clear answer.

“The one who burnt in the deepest flames knows it’s made of dust. Are you afraid of turning into whom you really are?” asks a voice.

“I’ve not thought it that way, but if I think further I can see myself against a mirror horrified at what I see”, says Freya.

“You are keeping the mirror the wrong way. Really look into it and you shall see more than you’ve ever imagined.”

Freya leaves her allies behind as she continues to walk towards the lake. Her palms burn into more fire and her body starts aching in different parts. From her stomach words of hatred and fear come out in the shape of paper. Freya sets it on fire with her palms, while squinting of pain. Another one full of betrayal and loss comes out of her chest. Freya continues the ritual as with the former piece. A force bigger than her opens her mouth and out she vomits knotted thread full of blood. She watches it horrified as they resemble worms eating out the flesh. She throws fire towards it, but this time it doesn’t just burn, it continues to survive through the fire and gets cleaned of blood and so becoming a golden bright. When Freya inhales she also takes in the newly purified golden thread.

About the author: Irina Gache is a visual artist and writer from Bucharest, Romania. You can find more about her by checking her portfolio or by following her on Facebook. Stay tuned for her next episodes.

Model în the image: Oana Maria Zaharia

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Irina Gache is a visual artist and writer from Bucharest, Romania. Her main preoccupation is photography but she also loves to give life to images through other media like paintings and collages. When she writes she does it in a surrealist way and allures the reader into the text by making it very visual and with riddle-like challenges. "I like my text to move like a motion picture in the reader's mind where he/she can project himself/herself into. When I write I see a whole movie being created".