Freya in The Garden of Soul (Ep 17)- Photo & Text by Irina Gache

Freya in the Garden of Soul is an episode-based surrealist novel that I decided to publish online as I go along with the writing process. It focuses on the journey of a character named Freya in the realms of the unconscious where she meets and interacts with different phantasmagorical characters that challenge her sense of self through different riddles and sayings that may be perceived as subtitle advice from inner guides.

Full of metaphors, parables, and leads, Freya aims to lead the reader on a journey of inner discovery that anyone can relate to if immersed in the story with an open mind. She will question herself, what she sees, feels and thinks and the world in the labyrinth she found herself into, provoking everyone that enters with her to do that as well.

Irina Gache


Freya keeps her eyes closed as she breathes, feeling the sole of feet like glued to the ground. Tingling sensations awakens pieces that she’s never seen or felt coming out her feet. They keep growing reaching further and further inside the ground. The faster the wind blew the more her roots reached into the ground. She becomes still as the wind got stronger. She then hears a hissing sound that soon turns into more. She opens her eyes and sees several snakes crawling on the ground reaching her feet. They gather there as allies helping her feel and use the newly found power. In front, a woman dressed in black with three heads appears holding a big silver box. She approaches Freya.

“You’re at a crossroad in the midst of your discovery.” And with two heads she looks at Freya, while with the other one she looks at the box.

“Aren’t I always?” asks Freya.

“You’ve made an important step a while ago to follow a calling. Now you pave the way, but you need something I can now give you.” says the three-headed woman.

Shining light comes up from her palms as she shrinks the silver box into a tiny one and hands it to Freya.

“Here, when the moon is waning you will dance and free yourself of chains that still hold you. But since it’s always an exchange you will need this box in which you will put a word of great value for what you are, then wear it on your neck knowing there you will have a special kind of force, to help you in the hardest and toughest times and bring you more bliss when your times are good.”

Freya accepts the gift with gratitude and tells the woman she’ll like to do something for her as well.

“My dear, what this gift will help you achieve is a gift for me in itself. All I ask of you is to use it.” says she. Freya feels warmth she hasn’t quite felt before as fire starts burning from her palms.

“The light has now come out of the dark. You shall soon meet The Phoenix.” Tells the woman to Freya as she vanishes leaving behind a scent of mystery and fascination.

Freya looks at her hands and wonders what she can do with the fiery palms…


About the author: Irina Gache is a visual artist and writer from Bucharest, Romania. You can find more about her by checking her portfolio or by following her on Facebook. Stay tuned for her next episodes.

Model în the image: Dana Alecu


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Irina Gache is a visual artist and writer from Bucharest, Romania. Her main preoccupation is photography but she also loves to give life to images through other media like paintings and collages. When she writes she does it in a surrealist way and allures the reader into the text by making it very visual and with riddle-like challenges. "I like my text to move like a motion picture in the reader's mind where he/she can project himself/herself into. When I write I see a whole movie being created".

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