Irina Gache
[:en]Freya in the Garden of Soul is an episode-based surrealist novel that I decided to publish online as I go along with the writing process. It focuses on the journey of a character named Freya in the realms of the unconscious where she meets and interacts with different phantasmagorical characters that challenge her sense of self through different riddles and sayings that may be perceived as subtitle advice from inner guides.

Full of metaphors, parables, and leads, Freya aims to lead the reader on a journey of inner discovery that anyone can relate to if immersed in the story with an open mind. She will question herself, what she sees, feels and thinks and the world in the labyrinth she found herself into, provoking everyone that enters with her to do that as well.

Irina Gache

Freya looks in the mirror and everything becomes foggy. Her feet start losing their grip on the ground and she falls into a deep sleep with a strange echo in her ears.

As she lays on the ground without moving, from her stomach dark trails of mist come out surrounding her body, getting into her mouth and then coming back into her stomach. Her body trembles and she opens her eyes in pain. The fog is cold and for the first time, she feels as lifeless as she ever felt.

“She ate too much of the berries from the bottom!” she hears a voice from afar.

“She was given the berries. She didn’t know. They were too much. We have to get the message to her.” The two voices were discussing a plan to help her. She wanted to reach out but was too weak to even move.

“I can hear you! Do you hear me?” asks Freya.

“Drop some berries and get up!” she hears one of the voices again fading slowly as she is about to lose contact with the voices again. She knew they didn’t hear her when she spoke.

She opens her eyes and sees herself looking out a window. She tries to open it, but nothing happens. Outside the window, she sees two piles of berries with notes written near each pile. “Take the small berries to be taller.” “Take the bigger berries to be smaller.”

“Freya! Listen to us! The bigger berries are too much!” she hears one of the voices again.

Inside the window, she feels powerless. She puts her hand to her lips in fear and falls asleep again.

“She’s like in a glass coffin now. I hoped we had another way to make her see, but I guess this is the only way.” says a voice and the dark trails coming out of her stomach melts half of the pile of big berries.

Freya’s body starts aching and she opens her eyes. In front of the window, she notices the missing berries. The window cracks leaving a small stop in it. Freya reaches her hand through the broken glass and retrieves a note that was not there when she fell asleep. On the piece of paper was written: “Listen!” She stops and looks confused at the word not knowing what she should be listening for when a small tingling vibration reaches her ears: “Lessssssssssssss!”

Freya reaches for the berries and takes the small ones like usual and eats them. When she reaches for the bigger ones, the sound buzzes her ears: “Lesssssssssssss!” She drops half of the berries on the ground and eats the other half. The glass breaks a little more.


About the author: Irina Gache is a visual artist and writer from Bucharest, Romania. You can find more about her by checking her portfolio or by following her on Facebook. Stay tuned for her next episodes.


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Irina Gache is a visual artist and writer from Bucharest, Romania. Her main preoccupation is photography but she also loves to give life to images through other media like paintings and collages. When she writes she does it in a surrealist way and allures the reader into the text by making it very visual and with riddle-like challenges. "I like my text to move like a motion picture in the reader's mind where he/she can project himself/herself into. When I write I see a whole movie being created".