Freya in the Garden of Soul is an episode-based surrealist novel that I decided to publish online as I go along with the writing process. It focuses on the journey of a character named Freya in the realms of the unconscious where she meets and interacts with different phantasmagorical characters that challenge her sense of self through different riddles and sayings that may be perceived as subtitle advice from inner guides.

Full of metaphors, parables, and leads, Freya aims to lead the reader into a journey of inner discovery that anyone can relate to if immersed into the story with an open mind. She will question herself, what she sees, feels and thinks and the world in the labyrinth she found herself into, provoking everyone that enters with her to do that as well.

“Sometimes we find ourselves at the edge of nowhere, flying high above our own selves which we feel like breaking into millions of pieces when we get back to. I always felt like a floater, dear Axis. I always wanted to escape from this flesh and bones. A battle between running away from it and breaking it into a million pieces. “said Freya with tears in her eyes.

“Did the million pieces ever took off from the ground you are holding your feet onto right now?” asked Axis.

“I have my feet on the ground, but I don’t feel them there. I dispatch myself into this labyrinth, but with the rabbit hole up top, not down. I can’t help it, I just vanish into it, feel sucked right back into the sky, with no rope to hold me down onto the ground, no hands to cradle my body while I burst myself into the storm of teary waves. In the end, I always had you and this land I called home.”

“I can see you floating, not up or down. You’re not as far away as you think, my dear child. You’re just suspended in a labyrinth you were pushed into without a safety net. Are you aware of the fact you didn’t do this by yourself? The rope you wish for to grab you on the ground is a set of keys that have been hidden. You’ve hidden them and you will drop them at the right time to someone who will be brave enough to unlock the drawers and doors and hold your hands navigating towards the exit of the labyrinth. I wish I could be that person, but I have no such power, for I am merely a phantasmagorical substitute to keep you going. Take this tea and drink each drop, my sweet astral traveler.” Axis handed her a cup of a blueberry tea with sparks of fairy dust rising from it.

A window appears and perceptions changed. She felt like stumbling and dropping through it, in the mid-air like a force more powerful than she, was pulling her towards it. She resisted, then she dropped and hit her head on the wooden frame. From her head wound, star dust started falling on the ground and the most beautiful white snake came out dancing to ancient rhythms. The sun was shining brighter than before. 


About the author: Irina Gache is a visual artist from Bucharest, Romania. You can find more about her by checking her portfolio or by following her on Facebook. Stay tuned for her next episodes.[:]

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Irina Gache is a visual artist and writer from Bucharest, Romania. Her main preoccupation is photography but she also loves to give life to images through other media like paintings and collages. When she writes she does it in a surrealist way and allures the reader into the text by making it very visual and with riddle-like challenges. "I like my text to move like a motion picture in the reader's mind where he/she can project himself/herself into. When I write I see a whole movie being created".