Fresh, Conceptual Portraits of Teenagers by Hassie M.

So many young, talented photographers out there recently! They pop up every day! It feels like trying to behead a Hydra, just to let other two new heads to grow instead; when you think you’ve seen most of them artists, another dozen with new vision appear! You can say a lot about technology and its bad influence, but you can’t deny that it gives to more and more people the opportunity to visually express themselves. Many of them are full of shit, obviously, but there’s also good stuff.

Maria Petruț (aka Hassie M.) is a young Romanian photographer from Cluj-Napoca. Her fashion-conceptual photo-editorials are bursting with freshness, the clear proof of a good eye and a steady hand! Cut right outta Vogue!

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Minimalist (hipster-ish, would say some of you), black & white portraits are slightly edited to tell simple stories about teenagers and their wild emotions. Even though some photos might come as unfinished, trust me, the talent is there and the imagination is in the right place!

Here’s more:


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Romanian self-taught writer, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. He's been writing for almost a decade while doing shitty jobs for a living. He's agnostic, supports a censorship-free world, he reads way less than he wants and he enjoys feminist porn.

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