Forget About This Unbearable Heat with Lena Pogrebnaya’s Work

Lena Pogrebnaya is an architect and a photographer currently based in Ukraine; she focuses on fashion and architecture, something mixing these last two with fine art and portrait photography. While looking at her photos in some peculiar way I sense a bit of drama. I am convinced that after I saw these images, stared amazed at them I felt more ease. Now I must try to explain why this happened. In the first place, I found Lena’s work beautiful. But this was not totally how I saw it in my mind. After several seconds, I started to figure it out about the powerful mix of colors, the natural use of light and the models she shoots in order to obtain such dreamy, captivating photos.

My main profession is architecture and it is the first thing that inspires me. Geometry, shapes, lighting, materials – I draw pictures in my head and then I start to realize its in life itself.

All images: (c) Lena Pogrebnaya



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