Flamboyant Pictures of Human-Flowers by Cao Dien

Cao Dien (Dien Vu Cao Nguyen) is a Vietnamese, USA-based young fine-artist and filmmaker whose main creative ideas are strongly connected to inner beauty and colorful appearances. The photographer is guided by two life philosophies: “beauty is not about the face” and “photography is sex”. “I bring to the act of photography all of the pictures in the movies I have watched”, Dien says. “As Fer Juaristi said ‘photography is like sex; you know the ending, so how can you make it interesting?’.

After experimenting for awhile with filmmaking (he’s been nominated for best cinematography at 48h Fest Film Project for 2 short-films – “831” and “Storm In Soul”) and currently studying screenwriting, the artists got closer to fine-art, as it practically has been his original first artistic love.






His latest project – “Human-Flower” – is entirely his artistic mindset captured in few vibrant photographs. Cao Dien explains in his project statement: “In society people judge each other by how [they] are portrayed on the outside. No one really takes notice or cares about what’s on the inside”. While quite obvious, he cannot be closer to the truth. As individuals we don’t give a damn about who the others really are; we barely care about who they seem to be.

The resemblance between people and plants is even more difficult to deny after the artist gives his whole human-flower speech: “Looks matter, no matter how many times people say it doesn’t, it certainly does; the reason why women spend so much money on makeup and skincare, and men spending money on hair products and shaving creams. That’s how life was created. That’s why flowers grow to have such bright colors, to attract bees for pollination. The roots of the flowers are what build them to grow up being so healthy and strong, but no one really take notice about what goes on underground, very much similar to how personalities go.”






Find out more about the artists and his interesting perspectives on life here.

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