Fine, It’s Pink’s New EP Thrown Me Into a Musical Lucid Dream

Honestly, I didn’t think I would like it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t believe I would feel anything about it. I’m not exactly what you’d call a fan, even though I have a general appreciation for the band, their awesome music and for their evolution from local group to a wider national notoriety (and not only). That’s the reason I’ve written about them before… Am I a fan, guys?

Anyway, I decided to give it a shot. I packed the laptop and headed down to the beach. One hour later, I’m here, without any regrets and with my brains slowly melted.

Young Burns, the new EP of Romanian band Fine, It’s Pink is first of all a powerful statement. A manifesto of our generation. A whole where love, dreams, youth and desire became a single notion. A one true concept which defines us all.

I think Fine, It’s Pink’s music doesn’t tell us a story. It simply gives us the words to create one ourselves. They are definitely way out of their time, and I wouldn’t go back in the past, but in the future. Imagine a dystopian post-apocalyptic time, where people re-discover their ancestors electric guitars and audio systems somewhere in the sand, and they invent a new genre to illustrate their prophecies, their pain, despair or delusion. That would sum up Fine It’s Pink’s genre.


Fine, it’s Pink in Control Club (Bucharest, 2015)

So, after we agreed that in a nuclear aftermath our sons and daughters will be listening a dreamy “electro-psychedelic explosion”, we can come back to the band’s new EP.

They didn’t lie when they described their music as dreamy. Here, on the beach, with the wind in my face, sand under my skin and “Kids” in my headphones, I’m allowed to dream. A phantom-like addictive sound that can make you quit drugs, because you won’t need’em anymore.

Young Burns gives you this incredible illusion of choice. In a way, this new EP is a musical lucid dream, where you’re aware that you’re sleeping, and you can practically do anything. You can climb that purple mountain and jump into the mouth of a huge sea-monster-mermaid, who, after swallowing you, gives you birth and you can see the infinite universe opening wide through its vagina, and you’re floating…

Uhmm. Or you can imagine making love with someone, whatever.

Until the official release on June, the 1st, listen a preview of Young Burns on Vice Romania.

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