The Film That Precedes Music. “Prédateurs” by Les Discrets

Les Discrets used us with that dreamy post-rock and melancholic perfumes. In essence, “Prédateurs” preserves their specific theme, but instead it changes their shades. They somehow give up to the all metal implications and we are introduced to a kind of dark indie rock with many influences from where you can detach a shred of melodrama. We have a trip-hop, little bit of electronic music and something that make you consider about the 70s movie soundtrack. These sounds are not very pronounced so we cannot unbalance or take another trajectory than the band used us. The impressions are that after many searches, Les Discrets have finally found its originality and identity. It’s a change I personally embrace and one, in one way or another, I was waiting for. Finally, Fursy’s desire of exploring various artistic visions had to put its imprint on Les Discrets music. 

“I feel that Les Discrets has its own wings now, free of the influences of post-rock, post-black or post-anything constraints.” (Fursy) 

“Prédateurs” is a musical journey full of mystery and it becomes extremely intriguing and sexy in places. You’ll see all kinds of images, you’ll feel and you’ll be thrown in unexpected situations; more like a detective story where the action happens on the less walked streets of a French town from the past centuries. Yes, it seems an album conceived after a book or a movie. I think these shades give timelessness to the album, it’s like “Prédateurs” is taken from its time and has some sort of eternity. “Time, on this LP, relates to the decay of things; memories, feelings and the empathy that left mankind over the centuries” says Fursy. In a way, “Prédateurs” could have been part from your parents vinyls collection or it could become, as well, part of your grandchildren collection. “Prédateurs” gains, therefore, the size of a conceptual work and you embrace the idea itself more than its form. 

” ‘Prédateurs’ is a record for late evenings, night driving, journeys on a train, or for those moments we usually think about the meaning of life and things, when we have nothing else to do but sitting and waiting. Its main themes are time, nature and life.” (Fursy) 

This album represents an experience that you acquire and you catch it and it catches you and you can’t be indifferent. It’s an experience because this isn’t just a simple music audition, it’s a world you’ll start have feelings for, eventually. 

“Prédateurs” will be released on April 21 under Prophecy Records aegis and will feature six art prints (one hand-signed by Fursy Teyssier) and 4 live tracks recorded at Prophecy Fest 2016. The Artbook bonus DVD-ROM features video recordings of these tracks.

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