Featured Artist: Eszter Polyák “All of us are Aliens.”

Eszter Polyák is a fashion designer, who had the chance in 2012 to spend her summer in Florida; and so it has started her interest in fashion design. After spending precious time in the USA, she found herself drawing extreme designs of dresses. Eszter’ first collection is called “Frst Cllctn  inspired by her foreign experiences, dreams and future. Discover more about the whole meaning of her collection on our Q&A.

Don’t judge a book by its cover! I guess somehow this is the primordial taught about the way we dress, the first impression we have on people. What do you think about this “first impression”, after all?

Well, the cover is not the book, although the book is also the cover.

Did someone ever judge the way you dress or create? What was the most painful criticize?

My worst and best experiences are the same: but I don’t know which one is which. What do you think?

Whenever I look at your collections I image the whole “Alien” series. What inspired you? Was there a climax for your creative process?

All of us are Aliens. The process is alien itself – it just comes like a huge spaceship at 4 of July. It takes you over and conquers your mind.

Is the “Bag of Health” wearable? What impact do you think it should have on nature? Or, most important, should influence the way people think about vegetables?

All my designs are wearable. Some are not. The impact on vegetables is only important, if we are ready to realize that we are vegetables.

Who are your favourite designers or any other artists that maybe at a certain time inspired you?

Names are not important – Bosch, Alexander McQeen, Michael Jackson, Ted Noten, Lady Gaga.

What plans do you have for the future?

Well, we know we don’t have future – I plan with the present and present is infinite what gives me enough space for all thoughts. There are too much thoughts; it would be a mistake to start talking about them.

Cultartes is promoting the unusual, strange forms of art and culture. How would the perfect outfit for Cultartes would look like?

The perfect outfit of something what’s unusual and strange is the present itself. Present became the projection of today’s future what we can’t know but love to have, and would love to be. So what is it than? This is not one shape or look but the change itslef. As we learned, it’s not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

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