Fashion’s On: Faunlet’s Lead Singer Petru Stoica Seen by Andrei Becheru

We wrote about Petru Stoica and about Faunlet, his musical project, a while ago. The entire concept was promised to be melancholic and intense, yet this time we’re about to see something quite different and bolder. Petru himself is a metaphor and I don’t know what bearing it has on anything, but I have to say that his look is an expression of what today seems to define rebellion.

If we’re to refer about the documentary photographer, Andrei Becheru, we’re already familiar with his realistic, eye-opening photographic signature. He’s currently a freelancer and his images have been published in Burn Magazine,, Radio France Internationale, Decat o Revista and many others.


Styled by Petru Stoica: Instagram | Facebook

Photos by Andrei Becheru: Instagram

Creative assistant Mirela Balos: Instagram

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