Exposing Movement Exhibition – Body Motion Through Analog Photography

Four photographers (Alina Usurelu, Sabina Suru, Hermina Stanciulescu, Lavinia Pollack) and three choreographers (Simona Deaconu, Ioana Marchidan, Andreea Novac) joined for an outstanding experiment, the so-called Exposing Movement.

The initiative is the very first project of Developing Art aka D’ART, a newly founded Romanian NGO whose purpose is promoting interdisciplinary education as well as developing the contemporary art production and bringing the artists and the audience as closer as possible.

For about 2 months, the 7 artists closed the doors and explored on their own the connection between body dynamics and film photography. The findings are soon to be revealed in a series of exhibitions and open workshops for dance and photography lovers, where anyone could explore the bond between these two art forms.

“We were fascinated by the simplicity of image multiplication, of the collage and the contrasts play in the darkroom. We’ve been charmed by the intimacy created by the image and the possibility of endless transformation through techniques almost forgotten”, says Alina Usurelu, visual artist.

The first exhibition meant to disclose the “almost forgotten” relation between movement and analog photo will be open on Friday, 6th of Octomber, at 7.30 PM at Gallery (Bucharest). You can join the event on Facebook for more.

 Photo: Exposing Movement

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