Experimental Band Poetrip Makes Music To Get Stoned To

You know the struggle. Here you are, rolling a joint, the windows are closed, the fridge is full. You’re ready to hit it, when the reality strikes you: there’s no music! What the hell? How did you even forget? Open something. Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify… anything! Shit! The joint is half-burnt and you didn’t find the right playlist! The mood? Gone already! And in the last moment, there they are: Poetrip – Dă și mie. “Who are this guys?”, you’re asking yourself. “You know what? It doesn’t even matter anymore!”. You press play and breathe in 3 consecutive puffs. Yep. That’s it.

Nahh. I was just drifting. I’ve never actually played a full Poetrip playlist. I did it just now for the first time, before writing this. I was always into experimentalist music, and yes, I’m familiar with the band’s general activity (even watched/enjoyed to some of their videos), but the truth is I barely know them. It’s really not that much of a secret. Oana and Ștefan created this band simply to get high on it. The name itself says so.

The “pop” or “avantgarde neoexperimentalism, avant la lettre” self-statement of the Romanian band is nothing but a bunch of useless info to make you feel comfortable if you’re not into doing drugs. She is doing vocals and whatever else she can. He’s playing guitar and bass. Sometimes they play with others. And together they basically could not give a single fuck about what the people think and one of the proofs lies in the way they proudly quote the bad stuff others ever said about them. Like “something between low level kraut rock and drugged Japaneses” or “Poetrip is a bunch of losers” or “hipsters at the limit between music and meaningless improvisation”.

Even so, if you’d think for a second they don’t take all this mess seriously, you’re wrong. The two guys actually believe, in a twisted manner, in what they do. They have periodic shows, with unconventional, fucked up atmosphere. Not to shock or to impress, but simply because apparently that makes them feel free. That’s the way they express themselves.

There’s actually an ongoing crowdfunding campaign in order to help them acquire some musical hardware. The so-called mega-scam will begin on 22nd of April at J’ai Bistrot (Bucharest), with a little concert and a party. “Since we started the band, if we had a penny for everytime someone asked us if we make money out of music, we’d be rich now!”, the band says on social media. “In our search for our path we played with a lot of exciting people but the essence of the band was always Oana + Ștefan. This is a new start for us and we call for the support of the people who believe in us and are our friends”. If interested, you can also check their campaign video on Facebook.

More info about the scam-event here. Follow Poetrip on Soundcloud for more poeTrippy Romanian sounds.

Photo: hippie.ro

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