The Exorcism-Like Photographs of Dmitri Pryahin

Russia-based photographer Dmitri Pryahin just likes to take photos of dancers and moving people, as he states: “I like to make photos of moving people, dancers, musicians etc, and these photos have the same inspiration as I shoot people, and the same style. It doesn’t matter what you see since you always see human, and perhaps – you always look at yourself. I listen music in my player, relaxed, and make photos just for my pleasure.”

His pictures are hypnotic; I don’t know if it is the contortions of the models or the intriguing motifs, but I’m amazed of his exorcism-like photographs. Just can’t get enough of this youth and its energy strongly rooted in Dmitri’s photos. It’s a great combination offering a true depiction of the human being and their moods.

“My inspiration is in another man, woman – in their characters, wills. It’s always not comfortable, no still, no quiet. I think we are all, inside us, trying to hide our characters, and trying to look like a happy man, but it’s not true. My style is to attempt to make interesting image, photos that I will like. If you understand, there’s no quality photo, no beautiful photo – it is an interesting photo. I don’t understand what a beautiful photo is, but I feel interest in my soul.”

You have to be strong.
You have to be persistent.
You have to be in shape.
You should eat simple food.
You must eat pasta.

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