Exclusive: “Restructured destiny” by Daria Amaranth

Daria Amaranth needs no introduction, she’s one of our favorite collaborators (read here). “Restructured destiny” is the newest series and it’s a new mysterious world Daria created. It has the same gray tone we’re used to, but it feels a little touch of Anna Danilova. Her photos are in places disturbing, I’m actually scared of any creatures, insects out there, so this lobster torments my brains out. You won’t miss the dismal and mystic atmosphere, yet sensual; “Restructured destiny” feels untouchable, concealed, it will make you numb.

I like to create mysterious and enigmatic atmospheres in my works, filled with melancholic, disturbing, touching emotions.

Full of emotion and with a dramatic representation, everything sums up to a pure heaven of nostalgia. The model Daria uses here says it all, this girl’s face succeeds to convey the message in such a way.

Just stay focus, I’m pretty sure Daria will amaze us day by day. Find Daria on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.

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