Erudite Stoner: An Acoustic Album Inspired by Ulver, Agalloch or Alcest (Interview)

Erudite Stoner (Erudite meaning: having or showing great knowledge or learning) is the creation of Matheus Novaes, a guitarist leaning on inpirations from the like of Ulver, Agalloch, Alcest or Les Discrets. A one man acoustic band from Brazil, playing with scents of post-rock, shoegaze, doom and classical quitar, in order to create this simply outstanding sounds of pure joy. Let’s find out more about this concept in the following interview.

Hello, Matheus! Tell us more about the idea of a one man project, when did you first started to play music?

I started to play guitar when I was 13 years old influenced by Beatles, after that I started to learn classical guitar but I’ve always been a rock fan. Maybe this conection between rock and erudite music helped to define my guitar style.

Your music sounds so dreamy, intimate, yet strong and captivating. It’s like you create your own imaginary landscapes and want to share them with us. What’s the story behind these landscapes, what message do you want to convey?

My goal as composer is to give to the listener, a moment for reflection, help them to reach their dreams.

I saw on your facebook profile you’ve recently met Niege (Alcest) at Overload Music Fest. From what we know, he’s one of your idols. What did you felt at the time? Was there something you wanted to ask him, but you had’t had the opportunity?

Yes, that day was very important for me and Neige is a lovely person, as you said he is one of my idols, he was very important for my project to become real, especially after I have listened the album “Souvenirs d’un autre monde” for the first time in 2007. This album made me believe that I can write my own songs, there are a lot of good vibrations from that album, I hope my own project can do the same thing for many people.

The album Erudite Stoner reminds me of The White by Agalloch. What band actually influenced you the most in the making of “Erudite Stoner”?

I really like Agalloch and it’s very sad for me that this project ended up, I didn’t have the opportunity to see any of their live performances, but Agalloch is not the only influence of Erudite Stoner. It’s actually very difficult for me to explain my influences, because I do had a lot.
I used to listen all kind of genres,from baroque music to Krautrock.

How did the places where you’ve grown up inspired your creative act?

I grown up in Santos, a city near São Paulo, where I had the opportunity to learn guitar through a cultural project without spending any money for that. There are some great record stores in my city, where I did some friendships and helped to build my musical taste.

I for one love acoustic quitar and listening to your music was a perfect hearing. Your songs heaviness lies in it’s melancholy mood and opens up a vast world of feelings. Have you ever consider to change your style, to make it more conventional?

I think I’ve just changed my style, only if it been in a natural way. I wouldn’t like that my music to sound unreal, false. My musical taste is always renewing, I don’t think it will follow the same style forever.

When I compose it’s a way to escape from reality and meet myself.

Did you ever performed live? (Perhaps you could tell us more) Otherwise, how would you like to be your first concert?

I did not perfomed live yet, but my intention is to play the full debut album live maybe in different form that was showed in the recordings.

What plans do you have for the future? Are you currently working on a new album?

Yes, I am working at a new material for Erudite Stoner, but I don’t know how long till it’s ready, it may take a while because I have other commitments beyond music.

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