Enter the Magical World of Illustrator Ioana Șopov

I assume many of you know Ioana Șopov works, but I reckon I found out pretty late (yet it’s never too late) about her. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Ioana is currently based in Bucharest, Romania. She works both digital and traditional media and loves trying out new styles and techinques. Looking at Ioana’s illustrations is like a kind of awkward déjà-vu. Immersing yourself in her morbid, intimate scenes transports you to another, alluring, cosmical place. She depicts differents states of mind, ugliness, beauty or love, but all with an uncomfortable observation and dark undertones. Her work has a lovely painterly nature, with gentle, almost impressionist brush-strokes, using vibrant colors. 

Ioana recently created some self-portrait-ish, weather or insomnia related gifs that best describe the annoying gray cloud hovering over our head all day, or how we fell a little down in the dumps.


 “My illustrations continue to emerge some details that seem morbid to others” (Source)

She had worked with national as well as international magazines and advertising agencies such as Cohn&Jansen JWT, Ogilvy Romania, Gravity Road (London), Decât O Revistă, Arte&Meserii.

All images (c) Ioana Șopov

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