Embrace The “No Censorship” Spirit of Al Visuals Photography

Alex a.k.a AL Visuals is a talented photographer from Iasi, Romania, teaching us how to embrace the skin and the clothes we live in. As he states, his style of photographing has different shades, approaches and perspectives of human expressiveness in an environment without censorship. Characterised by fluid movement, a gloomy color palette and great compositions, Al Visual’s works are inspired by the alternative, specific urban American or English fashion items and hairstyle.

It’s like bringing together the old and the new, embracing the dark spirit of the American world. Powerful, moody and sombre portraits are to reveal an inner personality, in order to change the perception of the fashion style. An appreciation of shared humanity beyond borders – psychological and cultural.

He is currently working on a short film “I want to tell you that“, about chaos and pure hapiness, all created by the concepted of love. Watch the teaser here.

Check his works here: Instagram/Facebook 

All images (c) Al Visuals

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