Ekaterina Grigorieva. Visions of a Russian Girl (Interview)

Ekaterina Grigorieva is a photographer and painter based in Moscow, Russia. Her works were published in many magazines such as Cake Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Fashion Collection, Le Mile Magazine, SOME Magazine, Foto&Video Magazine, and Muse Magazine. She exhibited in Moscow and France.
Ekaterina works under the name ‘’Nemo et Nihil’’, claiming that she draws what she can’t take a picture of. And vice versa. Besides these lovely photographs and drawings, you can visit her official website here.

Nicole, Cultartes: Hello, Ekaterina! You are well-known for your photography, but drawings and paintings as well. I think everyone who would see your work would immediately fall in love. What do you enjoy the most, photography or painting?

Ekaterina: Hello!In the past few years’ photography has become the main media for me, but that does not mean that I enjoy painting less. I just create my art works slower.

All of your works seem to be a little bit melancholic, yet magical and captivating. Are these photographs and drawings presenting the real you?

Art always presents the real author, his point of view, some of his features. Of course, if we talk about creative process.

I read a lot about your camera equipment, and I have noticed you use film cameras. How so? Are the results more accurate or any different?

Yes, I mostly use medium format film cameras and it’s because of the accuracy in colour reproduction, tone, details.

0d60f657a07f8371645fb704f243abbcDo you use any additional equipment to get a specific look?

Sometimes studio light is such equipment that helps to make some specific, unusual look. And I rarely use a Polaroid camera, it provides a strange unpredictable results. But more often I am trying to get a more realistic picture so do not use any additional influencing devices.

 What do you deem to be lighting requirements for your work?

The light should be intense enough to make me feel comfortable in my work, because I shoot people; what often requires a small shutter speed. If we talk about the studio, then I certainly have some preferences, but they are mostly of technical nature.
In general, the light itself is the most important thing, even in my photography and it can be hard or soft, it can interact with objects differently, but it always depends on the specific situation, and I like to watch the natural light more than to build lighting schemes in the studio. I want to say that I mostly like to adapt to the conditions, than to be a creator who controls everything. It inspires me more.

drawing by ekaterina Do you aspire to tell a story, to capture emotion or make a statement of some kind?

It is very important for me to tell a story whether it is a social story or metaphorical thing. Moreover, of course each photographic project, each single work is a statement. What kind of statement – depends on what you are working

Has your style of shooting changed since you first started?

Yes, of course, and these changes are going on now.

qc91M6MUXgMCinematography and music are other types of art, but different of want you are doing. Now, my questions is, have you ever been influenced by movies or music? If so, can you give us some examples?

I am almost always under the influence of music and very often cinematography. Therefore, it is very difficult to give you only a few examples. I like to listen to classical music of Baroque period, but also of 19 and 20 century. In addition, some noise ambient and industrial music helps me to create the right mood. That is not all of course.
In cinematography I like to watch movies, which creates a solid artistic image. And films are very inspiring to me, they teaches me to see the composition, analyze staging, narrative which is very important in my photography.

Is there anything you would have done differently during your photography career?

No. Everything goes as it should go.


What advice do you have for the folks who want to get into photography but maybe don’t have the courage to?

Just start looking around and taking pictures.

Thank you for accepting our invitation and I wish you all the best!

Thank you!


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