1995. Bill Clinton “mistakenly” confirms that Area 51 exists. Microsoft releases Windows 95, the first major consumer-oriented edition of Windows. Ebola epidemic kills almost 250 people in Central-Africa. And, finally, the instant-cult, independent film “Kids”, directed by Larry Clark, sees the big screen.

Starring prominent actresses in their youth, such as Chloë Sevigny or Rosario Dawson, “Kids” is still haunting us more than two decades later, mainly for that scene, for the anxiety of it, but also for its authentic, refreshing depiction of teenagers, their views of life and their micro-universe or alternative society of its own.

Once you leave those years behind, some doors permanently lock up. You forget the language, the unwritten laws and you face your imminent pariahdom. Their society keeps flourishing, only without you in it.

But what if I told you I can get you in somehow, as my plus one? I got connections. I know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy… Just check the webzine once in while for a series of articles featuring teenagers, youngsters ravenous for art, kids with mindsets that would kick your brains in the teeth.

Most of us lack artistic skills. But it seems that some people have talent written in their DNA. It’s a scientific fact. It’s the same with the young visual artist Orsi Novak aka Edith.

She’s a 17 years old Romanian photographer based in Alba-Iulia, with a twisted sense for sensitivity, to say the least. Her imagery consists in a mixture of subjects as desired wilderness, loneliness, last-autumn nostalgia and another phenomenon I like to call “restroom claustrophobia”. Even though we can identify a common atmosphere in all her pictures, Edith is still experimenting, trying, more or less, to figure out her visual path.

“I started to get into photography when I was 14”, she tells us. “I take pictures of everything that makes me feel something. I capture everything that allows me to see beyond the facts, to analyse reality and project it in my own way”.

And when she says “everything”, Edith really means it. We’re talking mirrors and dead flowers, industrial pipelines and washing machines, dark-ish nocturnal corners and already faded sunsets, windows, food, train stations, lightnings, wounds, cigarettes, body parts.

“No matter how good or crap things turn out, the (art) process is fucking lovely too!”

Her Instagram is like a Tumblr that escaped its original platform. Sometimes, her photographs come together with, let’s say, meditations, intimate blogging kind of texts that not only explain partialy the picture itself, but immerse us into the reasons behind it. Here’s an example (take your time and read it!):

“There’s always so much to learn about everything around us and there’s so much to learn about making art as in photography and drawing and painting and music. And i’m not saying i make that type of art that is art™. I’m not even saying I’m making art, though sometimes it feels that way for me.

And this can either be something extremely subjective or not subjective at all, but to me art means something that’s based on (intense) feeling or experience that changes you or moves something in you, leaves you altered and the resulted piece takes on that power too, you know, like you look at something or you listen to a song and you feel it – maybe with your entire being and it’s just such a beautiful experience! I’ve had people tell me they like my photography or writing or anything that I’m attempting to do and I’ve also had people tell me I do basic shit and that it has no meaning or relevance (i also tell myself these things sometimes) and maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not true at all. But i think I’m kinda over letting such opinions affect me.

I like doing stuff, I love creating(??) because no matter how good or crap these things turn out, the process is fucking lovely too?? And yes, you and I and everyone else can learn a lot in that process. Yeah, I think i wanted to go somewhere else with this, but I’m fine with where I ended up. Just focus on putting your best in everything you’re doing and don’t let that put too much pressure on you either. It’s completely fine to make something that’s absolute crap and be aware of it and maybe even still like it”. (grabbed from here).

Check Edith Novak’s imagery on Instagram

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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.