‘Double-Blind No. 1’. Short Incursion Into The Seductive Human Subconscious

Double-Blind No.1 from The Double-Blind Experiments on Vimeo.

*Exhales* Yep! That’s a hell of a video. The surreal experiment put together by a handful of artists self-named The Double-Blind Experiments reveals the infinite universe of the human subconscious and, apparently, the unexpected variety of activities and profiles a goat can be used at. “Double-Blind No. 1“, is a melting pot of audio and visual techniques, mixing an incredible amount of styles and processes into a relatively compact time length.

With this VFX, the creators are guiding us through hyperrealism, pop-art, urban street art, polygonal design, artivism, erotica & BDSM, zoomorphism and vectorial 3D concepts. And that’s just the peak of the iceberg. 

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“With access to all of the raw footage, each artist selected shots they felt would best inspire their individual creativity. There was no expected outcome or planned narrative, instead the result shows what happens when five artists are let loose with a goat, a gasmask, and their imaginations”, they say on their Vimeo account.





The short-film was designed by Zenon Kohler, Jasper St Aubyn West, Ian Anderson, Ricky Marks and Raoul Teague, with sound by Mike Lange. 

Photos: Screenshots from Video

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