‘Detox + Market 5’: Voguish, Share-Wardrobe Fair in Bucharest

People are invited on September 17th, 2016 at Detox + Market 5, a one-day vintage fashion-fest where everybody can witness the chic, stylish atmosphere of a world where originality is the currency of choice. Where? In A3 bar (Arthur Verona, 3, Bucharest).

Carina Călin, organizer, tells us: “This is the project’s 5th edition, and we come this year with a selection of Romanian designers, as well as with a group of local creators who support the movement by contributing with pieces from their own collections. [Detox – Market] tries to detach itself from the classic ‘yard sale’ idea”.

Detox and Market was launched five years ago, and since then, the project and its supporters kept militating against uselessly stuffed wardrobes and in favor of a better taste. Simpler said, people who buy clothes just for the sake of having them are suckers.


(c) A03

“Detox, like any other healthy habit, lays in the details”, the organizers explain, describing the upcoming event as a “raw, bullshit-free juice, a dancing Saturday, a journey worthy of a princess or an elf, or – why not? – all together in a high-noon urban cocktail”. Damn, this sounds intense!

The event will feature, among the stuff already mentioned, a list of Romanian creative brands, low prices, amazing women and business-women who bring their own personal fancy-trancy fashion inventions, along with local female artists who can’t help being sophisticated as hell!


(c) Sartrowski

Check more info about the project and its line-up on the event page. Follow Detox + Market on Facebook.

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