Whenever I say Marius Lupu has reached his best, he proves me wrong. I honestly can find the right amount of words to describe his work that is not already known. I’ve been totally shut down when he sends me the photos, he has a specific, kinky, raw style. It lights up your eyes, the surrounding air becomes unbreathable and you’ll notice glitters in your sight. Just let yourself be dazed. Despite the fearless look, this series embrace a natural sensibility. Marius captures an intimate, wild moment, placing the woman so beautifully, presenting her most delicate features, but also letting room for dirty interpretations.

He got me right from the beginning and teaming up with Melania and Carmen creates a charming scene. For those of you who know or had the pleasure to meet Marius, you’ll notice his sensibility, yet strong attitude reflects on his work. He’ll take you on a lunatic journey, from his choice of set designs, to dreamy portraiture, posing of the model or enchanting tones. Need I say this series was photographed in his block’s basement, near a carpenter workshop?

When I asked Marius about Melania and Carmen, he told me this:

I had no idea how working with Carmen would be like. But, damn, she knows how to manifest, to express herself and you can feel right to the bone. Her energy inspired me a lot.

Mel is amazing and we all know that, there is no point in getting in details.

All images: (c) Lupu Marius


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