Dennis Auburn Takes Cosmic Psychedelic Portraits

While looking for some inspirational photos on Pinterest, I saw Dennis Auburn‘s photos and I was completely amazed. Born in Mons, Belgium and grew up in Missouri, USA, he currently resides in Houston, Texas where he is a freelance photographer, who allows his wanderlust to take him where it pleases. The series, titled “Aura” features stunning photos of a model in various poses where the otherworldly lights seem to assist her facial expressions and body language.

“Bring me tacos and my heart is yours.”

I find the light so cosmic and mesmerizing and it reminds me how exquisite and destructive human life can actually be. However, I am grateful for the feelings I live through his photos.

“I guess a lot of times I feel like I’m not fully living quite just yet. I think I get stuck in my comfort zone way too often so, I do try and burst out every once in a while; however, I wanna take that great leap of no return.”

His father was an artist and taught Dennis how to draw, paint, and sculpt as a kid and he knew that he always wanted to create. Introduced into the surrealism world, this has become a huge interest for Dennis. He looks up to Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso a lot.

“I never want to get to the point where taking photos becomes a hassle. It’s always been a ride to new experiences and, it continues to thrill me till this day.”

All images (c) Dennis Auburn

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