A Dash of Black, A Thought in White: Interview with Fulmineos

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! Trying to overcome the certain barriers that the social logic impose us, can be metal music a form of existence, maybe spiritual?

Fulmineos: Hello! For me, metal alongside the other genres is a spiritual experience; the music itself is a place of refuge, contemplation and profound influence to our lifestyle. I tried as a form of tellurium existence, too (which is partially true) but it didn’t fit me. I don’t see anything wrong about it, just that it wasn’t agreeable compared to the way art should be made.

Since we’re here, we know that non-metalheads look at those who have this passion with suspicion and doubt. Is the world presented differently in the eyes and the minds of the ones caught in the nets of this art?

I think the contemporary metal is somehow more accessible for the media; I would say that the world has become accustomed to the people involved in this phenomenon, especially if we refer to the Western society (as if there are no social repulsion against the metal listener). I don’t necessarily see things differently, or I no longer see, but when I was a young boy I surely had that rebellion and aggression; in time it turned into a more complementary and practical vision.

To be more specific, do you think black metal has a chance of saving from the mainstream arms? There are bands trying new influences, more distant from the roots and from those realms full of atmosphere and aggression. Are the blackers becoming more romantic, softer?

Each generation who identifies with a current music and a way of life progresses and develops, so it’s natural for things to change. Most of the musicians began in strength and then softened once with their age, punk into post-punk and new wave, death metal into gothic doom metal; and so the black turned into this post-whatever, with bands like Solstafir, Manes or Ulver. For me, this is a positive matter, the mainstream is not a bad thing for those who want it and the whole phenomenon is cyclical and normal; it happened before and it will certainly happen again; even if purists won’t agree, the evolution progresses.

Photo by Victor Cristescu

Is this release of Ordinul Negru a sort of return to your origins, the roots I was talking about earlier, after all, that have defined you as an artist?

On the contrary, from my point of view, ‘’Sorcery of Darkness” is the furthest from my beginnings, when I was listening to demo tapes and primary repetitions of black metal; I like them now too, I just wanted to evolve in all the matters: sound, instrumental technique, concept and discography achievement. I managed to do this step even some “roots” are readable, and I didn’t want to remove them permanently. But the next album I’m working will be more distant from these traditional concepts.

Are there any bands or artists that influence you at the moment? Or, let’s say, you remain the follower of the classics?

When composing, it feels some influences that have defined the course of time, even though sometimes I wish I was influences more by the contemporary music. However, in the recent years I was listening to less metal, not to mention black metal, yet at the compositional level it hasn’t felt. What remains in me is there forever…for example, I listen to Chelsea Wolfe, Bohren& der Club Of Gore, Bjork or Archive; I can easily compose black metal songs that satisfy me and the audience.

You use to travel a lot, to visit your country and different places that still retain a shred of spirituality or some places where spirituality can flourish. Is this your source of relaxation or you just try to train your inspiration?

And one and another, and what I know for sure is that although I traveled a lot abroad I don’t like to visit anything. I feels like I don’t belong to this places, doesn’t resonate with me spiritually. These lands represent the earth and the civilization that gave me life; I belong to it, good or bad. I am not a nationalist person, but I do appreciate these places, respect them and generally see the positive side of it, despite all odds.

“Someday everything will end all of a sudden, and this rush for being someone, to consume, to publish cool photos on social networks just to show off with what we do or not do… this is not the essence of life, but we often realize too late and time is running relentlessly”

How do you see the evolution of metal phenomenon in our country, considering that bands as Dordeduh suspend their activity or Negură Bunget keeps changing musical approach? I mentioned the first names of bands that crossed my mind.

Once with the tragedy of Colectiv, I think that the underground phenomenon have lost pretty much according to clubs, promoters and generally people who were trying to something together with the members of different bands. And what seemed to me extremely sad is that the people commented in ignorance of the cause; I sang in many places in this civilized Europe and there is a tolerated phenomenon, a social valve that apparently the authorities accept tacitly. Is not a better situation, you pay cash, everything is sold without receiving a tax receipt; there were many clubs without fire extinguishers , plan escape or first –aid kit…maybe some Exists bright. In Berlin, for example, you can smoke indoors nonchalantly…as the saying “Stop, it’s not like that!”

What was the most pleasant experience on stage? I think at that one moment that made you proud you are a part of this world.

I have many memories with almost all the bands with whom I have worked over the years…it’s hard for me to decide, but if I had to choose one, it would be the release of the “The Strange Innerdweller” , Kultika’ album in Daos Club, Timisoara. It was a perfect evening and we all made our “appetites”; I invited our good friends from Valerinne to sing with us, we had string quartet on stage – Open Strings Quartet—we played with a legend of the underground: Tavi “Vita” Horvath from Implant pentru Refuz; we had some cool projections, a perfect sound made by our friend Mihai Toma and a extraordinary audience; if you add the fact that we performed in our city with all of our friends…

Is the Romanian sibling with the wood? Do you still understand the true meaning of this phrase, considering that we visit our mountains just to clog them with our stinky habits?

It depends on where you look for these forests. If only by car using the phone and traveling on Transfagarasan/Transalpi/Transrarau/Transbucegi and the like…I guess not! But there’s room for everyone under the sun; to be honest there are so many isolated and beautiful places that you may re (find) this great phrase. It seems that lately the chainsaws has entered more often into the woods, and even more determined than ever before and this is an annoying state. Often, not the Romanian is behind this, he is just a tool of this existential dependence.

Have you ever thought to leave your country? I’m asking this because I see you as an individual highly bound by Romania, its places and lands. What would put an end to this closeness?

Yes, twice in ’94 and 2008, I am an ethnic Czech (not Hungarian as many “patriots” curse me on various websites without having any idea about me). A good part of my family lives in Republic Czech, so my parents wanted this; at first there were some bureaucratic complications and the second time I simply couldn’t leave, although I have found a job there. Then I realized I couldn’t ever go willingly from Romania. What would make me leave? I don’t know maybe religious and ethnic intolerance, armed conflict, and economic collapse, dramatic things that would disturb my existence as an individual or my family.

Photo by Miluță Flueraș

You are involved in some of the most interesting projects in our metal sphere, namely Kultika, Dara, Argus Megere or Ordinul Negru (the order is random). I can’t ask you who is the dearest, there are obviously different interpretations and transpositions of your ego, but about which one can you speak as the primordial form of your thought in relation to the metal music?

Every single project I get involved it has a dimension of its own, it has a purpose and each of the above are related more or less with metal. It’s not something conscious in relation to this term, so I find it very hard to quantize or to offer an answer.

Is there any band you grew within your headphones or any song, and you find yourself humming at some points?

Sure, there are a few bands (in an overwhelmingly proportion from Timișoara or Serbian songs), but if you want to nominate one, it would be Celelalte Cuvinte. I respect them very much, they were always elegant in stateliness and statements, very good instrumentalists, they weren’t compromised with weak albums or internal scandals; it’s a rare thing for a band with such activity.

What expectations should we have from you and your future projects?

We work hard on songs and future recordings, this is currently on our agenda, and unfortunately fewer concerts, because today’ situation is not very favorable to this issue; we will see what the future offers us. Argus Megere is already in the studio for the fourth album and Kultika will most likely release an EP in February, an interesting one I hope. We already composed the next album with Dara and we work together with our label Pest Records for a surprise tournament what will be a big step forward, we hope for the best.

Is there any artist or band in any artistic area, with which you see yourself collaborating in a special project?

Yes, I actually work on this regard already; I would like to collaborate with a philharmonic for a larger project with Kultika. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy and “attentions” has to be distributed to access to those people officially; it has me looking for another version, from abroad, which is pretty disappointing.

Photo by Miluță Flueraș

How would the perfect scenery for memorable concert look like?

There are two such places where I had the chance to sing already: Kilkim Zaibu in Lithuania and Rockstadt Extreme Fest from Rasnov. These moments were perfect, too, in the first scenario I played with Negura Bunget as headliners, and the organizers lit a huge bonfire at the last song. It was late evening; the Fest was on a lake, far away from civilization in a forest with wooden chalet…a unique experience. In Rasnov I played last year with Argus Megere exactly at the magic moment when day combines with night, when the sun sets, perfect…so honestly I don’t think I want something else, maybe to return to these places and relive these experiences into a new context.

If you would have been born for the second time and you would have the opportunity to choose the period you’ve lived in, the era or the right moment, when would it be and obviously why?

I graduated history and although I love the old period and middle Ages, I am realistic and I wouldn’t want anything to change my destiny that was destined. Maybe I wish to be born a few years later, somewhere in the ‘80s so I don’t catch all the shit with fatherlands and hawks pioneers, I was lucky though. The period after the revolution until the economic crises has generated so much social hysteria (by 2008/2009 if I remember correctly). For me, it was a period of maximum freedom and with all the difficult post-communist transitions, it was extremely beautiful. Unfortunately, in the last years I have seen that the horizon gets darker and darker and nothing seem to loom, people become more pessimistic and everyone closes into its shells, hoping to not disturb too much or to stand in one’s way and be snatched from the comfort of everyday life.

If all the people from Earth would stop just a little, and all around them would be nothing but your voice, what would you tell them?

One thing that may seem commonplace, is to live their moments and to enjoy existence. We use to complain so much about everything that happens to us and we forget to enjoy our family, friends. We are not able to relax and to look for simple joys. Someday everything will end all of a sudden, and this rush for being someone, to consume, to publish cool photos on social networks just to show off with what we do or not do… this is not the essence of life, but we often realize too late and time is running relentlessly.

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