Daria Amaranth’s Lugubrious Portraits Narrate Wordless Stories

Daria Amaranth is a photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Her artworks consist mainly of series of melancholic, Victorian-like photographs that mix together nature, fauna and deep emotions. Her predilection for self-portraits is actually the real trigger that brings to the surface most of the stories the artist wants to depict.

“I like to create mystery stories which have sensual and melancholic atmosphere”, she told Cultartes. “I also like to take self-portraits; they help to tell a story that is difficult to explain in words”.





IMG_8947b (1)

And she delivers. This series of self-portraits hits some good spots in the area, many of the pictures revealing real inner struggles, not to mention they’re stunningly captured.

The artist attaches animals to the classic portraits as a form of highlighting human feelings. Let’s say, rabbits for tenderness, cockroaches for anxiety snake for fear and so on. Some of the human-animal combos are definitely worth being mentioned, as the photographs could be easily mistaken for paintings; dark-minded, sophisticated paintings. You can see some of them below:







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