Dancer In The Light. Marianne Haugli by Julie Pike

Marianne Haugli is the main character of this photo shooting and a contemporary dancer, model and choreographer; just like Julie, she lives in Oslo, Norway. 

Julie Pike is an award-winning photographer whose works have been exhibited in national and international fashion and art publications, institutions, art galleries and museums.

Julie Pike was born in Scotland in 1975, raised in Denmark, educated in San Francisco and now based in Oslo, Norway.

Even though she is influenced from different cultures and places, she tends to celebrate the Norwegian nature and the use of organic lighting in her work.
Her work has been published in leading fashion magazines, including Bon, Elle, Carls Cars, S magazine, Nylon, Oyster, Cover, Costume, Vice, Mirage, Fallen and more. Well, l
et’s see what came out from this collaboration! 

“I am fascinated with Nordic scenery and my pictures often reflect back to my roots, back to where I am from.” (Source

All images: (c) Julie Pike

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