Damian Loeb Paintings and the Paradoxes in Quantum Physics!

Damian Loeb is a painter and photographer based in America. We’re going to talk about the series of figurative paintings titled Verschränkung and the Uncertainty Principle. It’s more than enough to know that this show consists of eight paintings based on a series of images Damian took of his wife. He claims that the title references paradoxes in quantum physics.

All composed in square format, they depict the intimate moments of life’s narrative. It seems like this series is reminiscent of Old Master portraits, and the composition is rather classic with this use of chiaroscuro (Italian for light-dark) and glazing (painting technique). Take a look to more of his work on his Official Website.

Sooner Than You Think 48x48in Oil on Linen

The W.A.N.D.


Gun 48x48in Oil on Linen

Ghosts I-IV 36x36 Oil on Linen

Say Hello To The Angels


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